ktru playsheet

GrahamH, AlecW

from Wed 03/11/2015 08:02:00 AM until Wed 03/11/2015 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:06 AM- simon and garfunkel / sound of silence [simon and garfunkel's greatest hits] on the columbia label.
10:05 AM- flaco jimenez / un mojado sin licencia [un mojado sin licencia] on the arhoolie label.
09:56 AM- roosevelt "booba" barnes & the playboys / the heartbroken man [the heartbroken man] on the rooster blues records label.
09:53 AM- royksopp / the alcoholic [senior] on the mb3 label.
09:48 AM- clifford gibson / don't put that thing on me [the blues of alabama] on the yazoo label.
09:42 AM- led bib / early morning [sensible shoes] on the cuneiforn label.
09:37 AM- swans / screenshot [to be kind] on the young god label.
09:35 AM- charley jordan / raidin' squad blues [st louis blues 1929-1935: the depression] on the yazoo label.
09:32 AM- groenland / superhero [the chase] on the bonsound label.
09:23 AM- pink mountaintops / shakedown [get back] on the jagjaguwar label.
09:20 AM- mariachi tapatio / jose marmolejo [guadalajara] on the arhoolie label.
09:18 AM- alcides briceno / revoluctin de adolfo de la huerta [the mexican revolution] on the arhoolie label.
09:17 AM- lydia mendoza / no es culpa mea [la gloria de texas] on the arhoolie label.
09:06 AM- mirel wagner / the dirt [when the cellar children see the light of day] on the sub pop label.
09:05 AM- rische, lillie mae / nobody's [nobody's] on the third man label.
09:02 AM- Josh Ritter / idaho [josh ritter] on the V2 records label.
08:58 AM- ratatat / breaking away [ratatat] on the XLCD 172 label.
08:54 AM- albert king / searchin' for a woman [door to door] on the chess mca records label.
08:44 AM- the fat white family / auto neutron [champagne holocaust] on the trashmouth records label.
08:41 AM- acid baby jesus / all of your love [selected recordings] on the slovenly label.
08:37 AM- generationals / angry charlie [con law] on the park the van label.
08:35 AM- geographer / kttes [myth] on the modern art label.
08:23 AM- memphis minnie / ma and my chauffeur blues [i ain't no bad gal] on the cbs records label.
08:18 AM- bukka white / bukka's goodtime [party! at home] on the arcola label.
08:16 AM- freddie king / lonsesome whistle blues [al his hits] on the federal label.
08:11 AM- funkees, the / point of no return [dancing time: the best of eastern nigeria's afro rock exponents, 1973-77] on the soundway label.
08:09 AM- los pinguinos del norte / el chocolate [travadores de la frontera] on the arhoolie label.