ktru playsheet

AdamB, LizP

from Thu 03/09/2006 01:00:00 AM until Thu 03/09/2006 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:58 AM- butthole surfers / hey [s/t ep, live pcppep ep] on the latino bugger veil label.
03:56 AM- john coltrane / traneing in [blue trane] on the prestige records label.
03:29 AM- fela anikulapo-kuti / suffering and smiling [music is the weapon of the future] on the exworks records label.
03:27 AM- dizzy gillespie / jumpin with symphony sid [diz] on the pickwick records label.
03:19 AM- digable planets / the may 4th movement starrig doodlebug [blowout comb] on the pendulum records label.
03:17 AM- diplo / diplo rhythm [florida] on the big dada label.
03:14 AM- the boredoms / 4 [super roots 6] on the reprise records label.
03:04 AM- scraping foetus off the wheel / descent into the inferno [nail] on the thirsty ear recordings label.
03:02 AM- hevy floe / milk [hamcat] on the uncle floe records label.
02:59 AM- hum / shovel [electra 2000] on the cargo records label.
02:55 AM- muddy waters / she's nineteen years old [muddy "mississippi" waters live] on the cbs records label.
02:53 AM- siouxsie and the banshees / little sister [superstition] on the geffen label.
02:51 AM- petra haden / bach: prelude no 2 in c minor [imaginaryland] on the win records label.
02:49 AM- dungen / gjort bort sig [ta det lugnt] on the kemado label.
02:38 AM- death from above 1979 / romantic rights [you're a woman, i'm a machine] on the vice records label.
02:34 AM- ex models / three weeks [zoo psychology] on the french kiss label.
02:28 AM- delta 5 / you [singles and sessions 1979-1981] on the kill rock stars label.
02:26 AM- naked raygun / treason [understand?] on the caroline label.
02:24 AM- les thugs / strike [strike] on the subpop label.
02:19 AM- espers / blue mountain [the weed tree] on the locust label.
02:16 AM- sonic youth / little trouble girl [washing machine] on the dgc label.
02:09 AM- victoria / gevaro [s/t] on the shadoks label.
02:05 AM- leland / morning glory [forever] on the rubia label.
01:57 AM- bob dylan / i shall be free [the freewheelin'] on the columbia label.
01:55 AM- ariel pink's haunted graffiti 2 / let's build a campfire theme [the doldrums] on the paw tracks label.
01:53 AM- twink / pussy cat [the broken record] on the seeland label.
01:46 AM- el-p / when the moon was blue [high water] on the thirsty ear recordings label.
01:44 AM- mighty sparrow / no doctor, no [first flight] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
01:38 AM- malavoi / sa ou le mwen le [malavoi] on the tinder label.
01:37 AM- va / shanigo [havana and matanzas] on the smithsonian folkways label.
01:33 AM- caural / sunned on cassette [remembering today] on the mush label.
01:32 AM- apollo nove / inexplicata [ziriguiboom - the now sound of brazil 2] on the six degrees label.
01:20 AM- dr. israel / interference [patterns of war] on the roir label.
01:19 AM- revolutionaries / moses dub [the rough guide to dub] on the rough guides label.
01:10 AM- ellis, Jeremy / bombakiss [The Lotus Blooms] on the Ubiquity Recordings label.
01:07 AM- magnetophone / kel's vintage thought [the man who ate the man] on the 4ad label.
01:06 AM- blackalicious / give it to you [the craft] on the quannum projects label.
01:05 AM- adult. / helen bach [gimmie trouble] on the thrill jockey label.