ktru playsheet


from Thu 05/14/2009 05:00:00 PM until Thu 05/14/2009 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:32 PM- darboven, hanne / opus 17a [opus 17a] on the self released label.
06:28 PM- bryars, gavin / sinking of the titanic [sinking of the titanic] on the touch label.
06:21 PM- spiritualized / broken heart (instrumental japanese version) [the complete works vol 2] on the parlophone label.
06:09 PM- mountains / choral [choral] on the thrill jockey label.
06:03 PM- wallace, zach / 2 [glass armonica] on the root strata label.
06:00 PM- widneren, jana / drift [surface runoff] on the touch label.
05:56 PM- satie, erik / ogive number 1 [pieces in a modern style] on the maverick label.
05:49 PM- vilhjalmsson, hallgrimu / serenade for six german sirens [serenade for six german sirens] on the ubu web label.
05:41 PM- sakamoto/fennesz / aware [cendre] on the touch label.
05:40 PM- cardew, cornelius / treatise [goodbye twentieth century] on the syr recordings label.
05:30 PM- rochberg, george / string quartet number 3 [string quartet number 3] on the nonesuch label.
05:25 PM- fukushima / hi-kyo [new music vol. 3] on the rca label.
05:21 PM- cornelius / sensuous [sensuous] on the eve label.
05:18 PM- bogner, ursula / expansion [recordings 1969-1988] on the faitiche label.
05:12 PM- silver apples / beethoven jambalaya [gremlins] on the gifted children records label.
05:04 PM- bird show / two organs and dumbek [bird show] on the kranky label.
04:59 PM- bear in heaven / my chair [tunes nextdoor to songs] on the eastdev label.