ktru playsheet

Kid's Show

from Sat 07/06/2002 12:00:00 PM until Sat 07/06/2002 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:56PM- buzzard bait / horsey horsey [goobers] on the elemental music label.

12:47PM- daniel johnston / the beatles/speeding motorcycle [yip/jump music] on the dutch east india trading label.

12:45PM- Bruce Haack and ester nelson / motorcycle ride [listen compute rock home] on the emperor norton label.

12:43PM- james kochalka superstar / peanut butter and jellyfish [monkey vs robot] on the tarquin label.

12:41PM- junior varsity / bam b-b-bam bam [bam bam bam] on the peek-a-boo label.

12:31PM- peter stamfel / werewolf [goobers] on the elemental music label.

12:23PM- lucia pamela / what to do is the question? [into outer space with...] on the arf arf label.

12:17PM- ella jenkins / an american chain gang song [call and response] on the smithsonian folkways label.

12:16PM- a/v geeks / crash bang boom [16 mm school soundtracks] on the self-released label.

12:10PM- langley schools music project / band on the run [innocence and despair] on the bar-none/basta label.

12:09PM- bruce haack and ester nelson / mudra [listen compute rock home, the best of dimension 5] on the emperor norton label.