ktru playsheet

JeffG, AnnaG

from Tue 03/23/2004 01:00:00 PM until Tue 03/23/2004 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:54 PM- Tom Waits / Singapore [Beatiful Maladies] on the Island Records label.
02:52 PM- Vani Jairam-written by Vasant Desai / Bol Re Papihara [Classical Songs from Films-from Guddi] on the The Gramophone Co. of India label.
02:47 PM- tortoise / Eden 1 [standars] on the Thrill Jockey label.
02:45 PM- mates of state / a control group [my solo project] on the omnibus label.
02:38 PM- deerhoof / Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Way [milk man] on the krs/5 rue christine label.
02:36 PM- Cat Power / Water & Air [What Would the Commmunit y Think] on the Matador label.
02:34 PM- The Decembrists / July! July! [Castaways and Cutouts] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
02:33 PM- calvin johnson / Lies Goodbye [what was me] on the K records label.
02:29 PM- erase errata / flippity flop [at crystal palace] on the troubleman unlimited label.
02:25 PM- childcraft / uh-oh [s/t] on the self-released label.
02:22 PM- kinski / rhode island freakout [airs above your station] on the sub pop label.
02:20 PM- the boredoms / nice b-o-r-e guy & boyoyo touch [pop tatari] on the reprise label.
02:19 PM- oranger / lay down your head child [thequietvibrationland] on the amazing grease label.
02:14 PM- enon / believo! [believo!] on the seethru label.
02:11 PM- daedelus / fin [rethinking the weather] on the mush label.
02:07 PM- david kilgour / today is gonna be mine [a feather in the engine] on the merge label.
02:05 PM- oneida / all arounder [anthem of the moon] on the jagjaguwar label.
02:01 PM- kants, the / modern ways to health [this book is deadly] on the streetcar label.
01:55 PM- blonde redhead / Maddening cloud [misery is a butterfly] on the 4ad label.
01:49 PM- Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio / Songbird [Inland Empires] on the Money Shot label.
01:47 PM- Ravi Shankar / Geetaa [Chants of India] on the Angel Records label.
01:42 PM- califone / Wingbone [heron king blues] on the thrill jockey label.
01:41 PM- Marine Research / Parallel Horizontal [Sounds from the Gulf Stream] on the KPL100 label.
01:40 PM- the Weakerthans / Plea for the Elks Lodge Last Call [Recoonstruction Site] on the Epitaph label.
01:35 PM- yo la tengo / the lie and how we told it [i can hear the heart breathing as one] on the matador label.
01:31 PM- lambchop / timothy b. schmidt [aw c'mon] on the merge label.
01:29 PM- clem snide / ice cube [the ghost of fashion] on the spinArt label.
01:27 PM- john zorn - masada / shilhim [beit] on the tzadik label.
01:24 PM- mr. lif / iron helix [i phantom] on the def jux label.
01:20 PM- the unicorns / innoculate the innoculous [who will cut our hair when we're gone?] on the alien8 label.
01:15 PM- fog / whom that hits walls [hummer] on the ninja tune label.
01:12 PM- beulah / matter vs. space [when your heartstrings break] on the sugar free label.