ktru playsheet


from Mon 02/15/2016 03:00:00 PM until Mon 02/15/2016 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:54 PM- brian dewan / the cowboy outlaw [tells the story] on the bar/none label.
04:49 PM- dj silver / trip to berlin [don't panic] on the liquid sky label.
04:46 PM- various artists / adova 1 [drums of death] on the avant label.
04:41 PM- shocking pinks / us against the city [dance the dance electric] on the a low hum label.
04:36 PM- the black ryder / seventh moon [the door behind the door] on the the anti-machine machine label.
04:30 PM- marty ehrlich / the git go [sojourn] on the tzadik label.
04:26 PM- meat wave / the gay contempt [delusion moon] on the sideonedummy records label.
04:24 PM- death takes a holiday / one last moment [academy 45] on the molusk label.
04:12 PM- floating points / silhouettes [elaenia] on the pluto; pluto label.
04:09 PM- mac demarco / let her go [salad days] on the captweed tracks label.
04:05 PM- food for animals / shhhy [belly] on the hoss records label.
04:00 PM- western haunts / curtains [gradients] on the self released label.
03:56 PM- forsyth, gina / what i did on mardi gras day [promised land] on the waterbug label.
03:54 PM- dogbreth / phoenix lights [chookie] on the skulltula label.
03:50 PM- crownhate ruin / better still if they don't know [until the eagle grins] on the dischord label.
03:47 PM- deerhunter / microcastle [microcastle] on the kranky label.
03:42 PM- dotan / ghost [7 layers] on the universal music label.
03:38 PM- lady lamb / vena cava [after] on the mom + pop label.
03:35 PM- blood on the wall / stoner jam [awesomer] on the the social registry label.
03:33 PM- deep lust / club tommy [deep lust] on the kill rock stars label.
03:30 PM- hop along / powerful man [painted shut] on the saddle creek label.
03:27 PM- balkan beat box / blue eyed black boy [blue eyed black boy] on the nat geo music label.
03:22 PM- oumou sangare / ah ndiya [throw down your heart: africa sessions] on the bela fleck label.
03:21 PM- peach kelli pop / princess castle 1987 [peach kelli pop iii] on the burger records label.
03:17 PM- avett brothers, the / left on laura, left on lisa [four thieves gone] on the ramseur records label.
03:14 PM- death cab for cutie / i will follow you into the dark [plans] on the atlantic/barsuk label.
03:10 PM- avey tare / heather in the hospital [down there] on the merge label.
03:07 PM- princess century / metro [progress] on the paper bag label.
03:02 PM- dead meadow / at her open door [feathers] on the matador label.