ktru playsheet

Andrew Se

from Wed 02/15/2006 03:00:00 PM until Wed 02/15/2006 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:02 PM- the shins / so says i [chutes too narrow] on the sub pop label.
04:58 PM- the lily's / elsa [s/t] on the tigerstyle label.
04:54 PM- of montreal / your magic is working [satanic panic in the attic] on the polyvinyl label.
04:52 PM- spoils of war, the / missed opportunity [the spoils of war II] on the shadoks label.
04:47 PM- dr. israel / pressure [inna city pressure] on the roir label.
04:44 PM- windsor for the derby / the light is on [giving up the ghost] on the secretly canadian label.
04:39 PM- yo la tengo / georgia vs. yo la tengo [summer sun] on the matador label.
04:34 PM- coltrane, john / jupiter variation [interstellar space] on the impulse label.
04:27 PM- Ellis, Jeremy / take your time [The Lotus Blooms] on the Ubiquity Recordings label.
04:24 PM- modest mouse / bankrupt on selling [the lonesome crowded west] on the up label.
04:20 PM- new constitution, the / country life [on 4] on the audello label.
04:17 PM- French Frith Kaiser Thompson / Wings a la Mode [Live, Love, Larf & Loaf] on the Rhino label.
04:13 PM- constantines / working full-time [tournament of hearts] on the sub pop label.
04:11 PM- the el caminos / the wedge [reverb explosion] on the del-fi label.
04:10 PM- sugarsmack / ninja bikes [spanish riffs] on the yesha inc. label.
04:04 PM- midwood, ramsay / waynesboro [shoot out at the ok chinese restaurant] on the vanguard label.
04:01 PM- the faint / desperate guys [wet from birth] on the saddle creek label.
03:55 PM- macchia, frank / hummingbirds [mo' animals] on the cacophony inc. label.
03:50 PM- rilo kiley / the execution of all things [the execution of all things] on the saddle creek label.
03:46 PM- Dierdre / nights in white satin [One] on the Six Degrees label.
03:42 PM- deerhoof / this magnificent bird will rise [reveille] on the kill rock stars label.
03:37 PM- ethan durelle / benioff [whte knuckles on turned wheels] on the esotype records label.
03:33 PM- the nein / house atreides [the nein] on the sonic unyon recording company label.
03:32 PM- The Black Math Experiment / You Cannot KillDavid ARquette [Fake Words and Signs From Space] on the BME label.
03:30 PM- Brother JT3 / Mellow [Spirtuals] on the drag city label.
03:26 PM- John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat / Send Me Your Pillow [Hooker N' Heat] on the EMI label.
03:19 PM- mississippi sheiks / sales tax [stop and listen] on the yazoo label.
03:19 PM- wolfmother / love train [dimension] on the modular label.
03:13 PM- dirty faces / nosedive [superamerican] on the brah label.
03:12 PM- rex / ivan's boat [various zum audio vol. 2] on the zum label.