ktru playsheet

KennY, AnindyaS

from Tue 01/31/2012 10:00:00 PM until Tue 01/31/2012 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:00 AM- stevie wonder / living for the city [1s] on the motown label.
11:53 PM- clipse / nightmares feat. bilal [hell hath no fury] on the def jam label.
11:49 PM- stalley / gentleman's quarterly [gentleman's quarterly] on the self-released label.
11:46 PM- eric b & rakim / what's going on [don't sweat the technique] on the mca label.
11:34 PM- DJ Screw / Something Good by UGK [All Screwed Up] on the Bigtyme Records label.
11:31 PM- Jadakiss / Why you so mad at [Kiss of Death] on the Def Jam label.
11:24 PM- BULLETZ / Pimpin on her [Pimpin on her] on the self-released label.
11:23 PM- G.U.N.S. / F.L.A. [Ipod Muzik] on the self-released label.
11:18 PM- rocky rivera / slick talk [pop killer mixtape] on the self-released label.
11:15 PM- tony yao / trippin feat. lil b & danny brown [trippin] on the self-released label.
11:09 PM- nippsy hussle / keys to the city [the marathon] on the self-released label.
11:05 PM- fat joe / john blaze [don cartagena] on the atlantic label.
11:03 PM- dj burn one / high five [where's the smoke] on the fader label.
10:57 PM- fiend / aqua flow [single] on the self released label.
10:53 PM- goodie mob / dirty south remix ft. big boi, mystikal & cool breeze [soul food] on the laface label.
10:48 PM- gucci mane / stoopid [chicken talk] on the blvd st. label.
10:46 PM- grip plyaz / DIYP (chopped & screwed soul division) [purp, wind & fire] on the slum american label.
10:42 PM- soulja boy & young l / MOB [mario vs. domo] on the SODMG label.
10:38 PM- kane & abel / shake it like a dog [most wanted] on the NO LIMIT label.
10:32 PM- ryan hemsworth / it's a tennessee thing [A Way] on the self-released label.
10:25 PM- guerilla maab / fondren & main [chapter 19: 'n 2 deep] on the SUC label.
10:18 PM- the S.L.O. / purple onion [single] on the SMS label.
10:14 PM- tony yayo / i know you don't love me ft. lloyd banks & 50 cent [thoughts of a predicate felon] on the G-UNIT label.
10:12 PM- aaliyah / john blaze ft. missy elliot & timbaland [single] on the virgin label.
10:08 PM- heems / bangles ft. big baby gandhi & fat tony [nehru jackets] on the greenhead label.