ktru playsheet

LilyI, AnneliR

from Thu 09/16/2010 11:00:00 AM until Thu 09/16/2010 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:57 PM- sunset rubdown / that have been in the grave [shut up i am dreaming] on the absolutely kosher label.
12:54 PM- kochalka, james / monkey vs robot [superstar] on the ryko label.
12:51 PM- balkan beat box / balcumbia [blue eyed black boy] on the nat geo music label.
12:49 PM- smith, elliot / memory lane [from a basement on the hill] on the anti label.
12:46 PM- pain, melanie & julien dore PLAYLIST / helsinki [le pop 5] on the le pop musik label.
12:40 PM- van gaalen, chad / clinically dead [infiniheart] on the sub pop label.
12:37 PM- wild moccasins / calendar [skin collision past] on the s/r label.
12:32 PM- the knife / silent shout [silent shout] on the mute/rabbid/brille label.
12:30 PM- brock, timothy / village festival [faust] on the k label.
12:26 PM- the handsome family / these golden jewels [last days of wonder] on the carrot top label.
12:21 PM- dj kiva / ride [degrees of freedom] on the adios babylon label.
12:18 PM- caribou / irene [andorra] on the merge label.
12:15 PM- sheppard, andy / hop dreams [rhythm method] on the blue note label.
12:09 PM- crystal castles / magic spells [s/t] on the lies label.
12:07 PM- yuganaut / see saw [sharks] on the engine label.
12:02 PM- atlas sound / knife (cover) [friend ep] on the warp label.
11:58 AM- the fiery furnaces / my egyptian grammar [widow city] on the thrill jockey label.
11:55 AM- shonen knife / loop di loop [brand new knife] on the big deal label.
11:51 AM- arctic monkeys / when the sun goes down [when the sun goes down] on the domino label.
11:49 AM- dara chom chan / hallo, kawan (hello, friend) [dengue fever presents electric cambodia] on the minky records label.
11:47 AM- putumayo kids / rubber duckie (xiang pi xiao ya) [sesame street playground] on the putumayo kids label.
11:42 AM- attic ted / reflextion [hemoglobin] on the pecan crazy label.
11:38 AM- kostars / don't know why [klassics with a k] on the grand royal label.
11:32 AM- acre / centennial [sacrifice] on the digitalis label.
11:29 AM- the hilltops / sidewalk [big black river] on the fishtone label.
11:26 AM- wesley willis / gingerbread knocked me out [the dragnews] on the alternative tentacles label.
11:25 AM- lange, roberto carlos / year one [music for memory] on the asthmatic kitty records label.
11:20 AM- die knoedel / jodeling [overcooked tyroleans] on the koch label.
11:17 AM- dirty on purpose / all new friends [sleep late for a better tomorrow] on the fanatic label.
11:08 AM- motion turns it on / lo pido con piedad [kaleidoscopic equinox] on the chocolate lab records label.
11:04 AM- world (of dreams) / ufo engine room / moon waltz [who is yahdoosh?] on the new gruv alliance label.
11:00 AM- silversun pickups / little lover's so polite [carnavas] on the dangerbird label.