ktru playsheet


from Mon 02/28/2011 01:00:00 AM until Mon 02/28/2011 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:55 AM- robert normandeau / montage rhythmique/montage metaphorique [clair de terre] on the empreinte digitales label.
02:51 AM- port-royal / agent 008 codename littlehorses [2000-2010: the golden age of consumerism] on the n5md label.
02:49 AM- machine for making sense / observance 7 [the act of observation becomes the object itself] on the rossbin label.
02:39 AM- kim hiorthoy / det blev fel [melke] on the smalltown supersound label.
02:37 AM- barry adamson / central control [moss side story] on the mute label.
02:34 AM- blurt / sharks of paradise [blurt + singles] on the ltm label.
02:27 AM- jandek / silent wander (excerpt) [not hunting for meaning] on the corwood industries label.
02:24 AM- amalgamated sons of rest / my donal [s/t ep] on the galaxia label.
02:19 AM- his name is alive / come out the wilderness [firefly dragonfly] on the aucuarela label.
02:11 AM- near the parenthesis / a brief walk to the sea [l'eixample] on the n5md label.
02:05 AM- rahmatollah badiyi / zarbi [sounds of the violin and kamancheh] on the international amity/bmi label.
02:00 AM- various / toraji taryong [folk songs i: songs of the kyonggi district] on the jvc label.
01:58 AM- helado negro / playas [awe owe] on the asthmatic kitty label.
01:54 AM- darksmith / your bridges are already burned [total vacuum] on the hanson records label.
01:47 AM- tiny hairs / a spider with legs of a bird [subtle invisible bodies] on the false walls label.
01:43 AM- bruce haack / noon day sun [farad: the electric voice] on the stones throw label.
01:36 AM- arp / grapefruit [the soft wave] on the smalltown supersound label.
01:30 AM- maria taylor / xanax [11:11] on the saddle creek label.
01:22 AM- marcel khalife / passport [promises of the storm] on the nagam label.
01:16 AM- richard skelton / green withins brook [landings] on the type label.
01:10 AM- moebius + conny plank + mayo thompson / farmer gabriel [ludwig's law] on the drag city label.
01:07 AM- jg thirlwell / tubercular bells [manorexia: the mesopelagic waters] on the tzadik label.
01:03 AM- eric copeland / corn on the cob [alien in a garbage dump] on the paw-tracks label.