ktru playsheet


from Wed 09/17/2003 02:58:00 PM until Wed 09/17/2003 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:50 PM- the ex / time flies [dizzy spells] on the touch and go label.
04:42 PM- the capricorns / teenage boyfriend [in the zone] on the paroxysm label.
04:40 PM- yasumao tone / wounded man'yo #36-7 [s/t] on the asphodel label.
04:32 PM- polysics / making sense [neu] on the asian man label.
04:30 PM- Mr T Experience / how'd the date end? [and the woman who love them] on the lookout records label.
04:26 PM- ochs, larry sax & drumming core / the neon truth [the neon truth] on the black saint label.
04:21 PM- of montreal / panda bear [the bedside drama: a petite tragedy] on the kindercore records label.
04:20 PM- Pavement / shady lanes [brighten the corners] on the matador label.
04:12 PM- the prima donnas / nance music manifesto [druges, sex, and discotheques] on the peek a boo label.
04:10 PM- rotten piece / claw hammer lobotomy [caged meat] on the fleece records label.
04:06 PM- delgados / all rise [hate] on the mantra label.
03:57 PM- pengo / trans love affair [a nervous splendor] on the hoama label.
03:54 PM- funky terrorist / 2 scratchy 2 dance [funky terrorist] on the dual power label.
03:48 PM- rondelles / mission: irresistible [fiction romance fast machines] on the smells like records label.
03:45 PM- clue to kalo / i think we can kinetic [come here when you sleepwalk] on the mush label.
03:43 PM- essex green / chester [essex green] on the elephant 6 label.
03:41 PM- cock esp / the noise band for people who hate noise music [greatest dicks II] on the breathmint/carbon/yelpco/etc label.
03:40 PM- Hwang Byung-Ki / spring [kayagum masterpieces vol 1] on the sem gramophone label.
03:29 PM- crack we are rock / animal trap [silent fantasy] on the tigerbeat 6 label.
03:28 PM- casiotone for the painfully alone / it wasn't the same somehow [twinkle echo] on the tomlab label.
03:28 PM- knodel / knodel dance party [the white hole] on the sponge bath label.
03:19 PM- "gunung jati" ensemble of tegas, peliatan village / sekar mas [gamelan semarpegulingat II] on the JVC world sounds label.
03:11 PM- shipp, matthew / vamp to vibe [equilibrium] on the thirsty ear label.
03:09 PM- junior varsity / my boyfriend [bam bam bam] on the peek a boo label.
03:09 PM- blithe sons / green patterns [we walk the young earth] on the family vinyard label.
03:03 PM- gossip / jason's basement [movement] on the kill rock stars label.
03:02 PM- andre popp / la polka du roi [delirium in hi fi] on the basta label.