ktru playsheet


from Wed 03/30/2005 11:00:00 PM until Wed 03/30/2005 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:55 AM- japanther / tourist [master of pigeons] on the menlo park label.
12:53 AM- the foreign exhange / let's move [connected] on the barekly breaking even label.
12:50 AM- ladd, mike / appropriated metro [negrophilia] on the thirsty label.
12:47 AM- fruit bats / when u love somebody [mouthfuls] on the sub pop label.
12:47 AM- gomez / grip [gomez] on the little deputy label.
12:42 AM- soft boys / I wanna destroy you [underwater moonlight] on the matador label.
12:39 AM- reeks and the wrecks / free smoke [knife hits] on the tumult label.
12:36 AM- replacements / I will date [let it be] on the twin tone label.
12:35 AM- various / Ofo and the Black Company / Allah Wakbarr [World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's a Real Thing] on the Luaka Bop label.
12:27 AM- Bacalao con Pan / Irakere [cuba classics 3] on the luaka bop / warner label.
12:26 AM- black mountain / druganaut [s/t] on the jagjaguwar label.
12:19 AM- wilco / sunken treasure [being there] on the a.m. label.
11:56 PM- godspeed you black emperor / static [lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven] on the kranky label.
11:50 PM- charlie patton / green river blues [founder of the delta blues] on the yazoo label.
11:47 PM- bruces, the / sleepwalking [the shining path] on the misra label.
11:46 PM- superchunk / like a fool [foolish] on the merge label.
11:43 PM- the defenestration unit / the sad primate [vertigo village (live)] on the vertigo label.
11:39 PM- guided by voices / echos myron [bee thousand] on the label.
11:34 PM- m.i.a. / bucky done gone [arular] on the xl label.
11:34 PM- big star / india song [#1 record] on the stax label.
11:33 PM- rapider than the world / the boss' girl [rapider than the world] on the alone label.
11:29 PM- robert johnson / cross road blues [the original blues legend] on the charly label.
11:16 PM- polvo / el rocio [shapes] on the touch and go label.
11:14 PM- various (harmika yab-yum) / les blues de crowley [harmika yab-yum: folk sounds from nepal] on the sublime frequencies label.
11:09 PM- aqueduct / growing up with GNR [i sold gold] on the barsuk label.
11:09 PM- calexico / convict pool [convict pool] on the quarterstick label.
11:05 PM- a.c. newman / drink to me babe, then [slow wonder] on the matador label.
11:04 PM- misfits / night of the living dead [night of the living dead] on the label.