ktru playsheet

GrahamH, AlecW

from Mon 11/24/2014 08:00:00 AM until Mon 11/24/2014 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:02 AM- mance lipscomb / long tall girl got stuck on me [captain captain!] on the arhoolie label.
09:56 AM- los alegres de teran / ignacio parra [the mexican revolution "outlaws and revolutionaries"] on the arhoolie label.
09:53 AM- white fence / beat [cyclops reap] on the castle face label.
09:51 AM- ex-cult / flickering eyes [midnight passenger] on the goner records label.
09:48 AM- lightning hopkins / good times here, better down the road [lightnin'!] on the arhoolie label.
09:47 AM- book a and the flaming geckos / pistol packin' papa [baghdad texas] on the loudhouse label.
09:36 AM- the presets / promises [pacifica] on the modular/casablanca label.
09:30 AM- avey tare's slasher flicks / blind babe [enter the slasher house] on the domino label.
09:27 AM- M.I.A. / bucky done gone [arular] on the xl label.
09:24 AM- ex hex / hot and cold [rips] on the merge label.
09:15 AM- joe falcon / les flambes d'enfer [joe falcon] on the arhoolie label.
09:13 AM- takako minekawa and dustin wong / dimension dive part 3: deep sea dance [savage imagination] on the thrill jockey label.
09:10 AM- M83 / 0078h [deadcities, redseas&lostghosts] on the gooom disques label.
09:06 AM- mastadon / blood and thunder [leviathan] on the relapse label.
08:56 AM- the carter family / my sweetheart is a poor working girl/waves at sea [on border radio - 1939] on the arhoolie label.
08:54 AM- zorba and the greeks / shokwave [lost legends of surf guitar iv shokwave!] on the sundazed label.
08:50 AM- deep cuts / arcus cloud [love grows] on the sugarhill studios label.
08:46 AM- lea riders group / dom kallar oss mods [searchin' for shakes: swdish beat 1965-1968] on the amigo label.
08:42 AM- kinks / mr. churchill says [arthur] on the reprise label.
08:38 AM- meatbodies / HIM [s/t] on the in the red label.
08:34 AM- acid / fame [liminal] on the infectious label.
08:30 AM- duet illinois speed press / the one who knows [s/t] on the columbia records label.
08:20 AM- comets / p*ssy [love peace and poetry: british psychadelic music] on the normal/qdk media label.
08:14 AM- therese aune / the lonely ocean roar [billowing shadows, flickering light] on the red eye transit label.
08:09 AM- portugal, the man / new orleans [censored colors] on the equal vision label.
08:06 AM- major lazer / pon de floor [guns don't kill people...lazers do] on the downtown/mad decent label.