ktru playsheet

AdamO, Miao

from Mon 03/02/2020 07:00:00 PM until Mon 03/02/2020 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:00 PM- davis, mikaela / a letter that i'll never send [delivery] on the rounder records label.
07:56 PM- lambchop / blur [colab] on the merge label.
07:52 PM- king sparrow / no more rocking and roling [calypso vintage songs] on the putamayo world music label.
07:46 PM- pan american / memphis helena [a son] on the kranky label.
07:43 PM- the drift / bardo i [blue hour] on the temporary residence label.
07:40 PM- chronic law / government [reggae gold 2019] on the vp label.
07:36 PM- elf power / why can't i touch it [nothing's going to happen] on the orangetwin label.
07:34 PM- turnover / much after feeling [altogether] on the run for cover label.
07:29 PM- chico o'farrill / pura emocion [pure emotion] on the milestone records label.
07:26 PM- pinky pinky / if it didn't hurt [turkey dinner] on the innovative leisure label.
07:22 PM- buttermilk / love is an ocan [star spangled bubblegum] on the fishtone records label.
07:19 PM- ben, jorge / mulher brasileira [forca bruta] on the dusty label.
07:15 PM- letting us despite great faults / disasters are okay [movement EP] on the new words label.
07:10 PM- anamanaguchi / sunset by plane [[usa]] on the polyvinyl label.
07:08 PM- lismore / pour un ancien ami [we could connect or we could not] on the cult hero label.
07:04 PM- steel blossoms / trailer neighbor [steel blossoms] on the billy jam records label.