ktru playsheet


from Fri 11/08/2013 12:00:00 PM until Fri 11/08/2013 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:59 PM- wax / just a visitor [13 unlucky numbers] on the cargo label.
01:57 PM- seksu roba / let's fly to monster island [seksu roba] on the crippled label.
01:54 PM- 8 1/2 souvenirs / happy feet [happy feet] on the continental records label.
01:48 PM- whirlpool / machine religion [liquid glass] on the s/r label.
01:45 PM- various artists / lithuanian lullaby [music of the soviet union] on the smithsonian/folksways label.
01:42 PM- elf power / the well [a dream in sound] on the arena rock label.
01:38 PM- ferus mustafov / kumov cocek/olimpliski cocek [king ferus] on the ace recrods label.
01:35 PM- groceries / kid chemical [knuckleheads and icons] on the groceries label.
01:32 PM- sam moore / mother machree [moooohieee! - musical saw & hawaiian guitar soli recorded in early 1920s] on the em records label.
01:29 PM- huma / start to realize [we are here for you] on the cult hero label.
01:23 PM- wicked witch / electric ward [chaos: 1978-1986] on the em records label.
01:22 PM- maxiwagon / (never eat) sushi in kansas [calls in sick] on the omnibus records label.
01:20 PM- maxiwagon / buzz aldrin [calls in sick] on the omnibus records label.
01:17 PM- the buddhist monks / my spirit flies to you [my spirit flies to you] on the vale music spain label.
01:10 PM- various artists / jingle bells brazil [nomad christmas] on the music of the world label.
01:07 PM- fat tony / i shine [smart ass black boy] on the young one label.
01:05 PM- portugal. the man / purple yellow red and blue [evil friends] on the atlantic records label.
12:59 PM- mgmt / alien days [mgmt] on the columbia records label.
12:51 PM- ramamoorthy, t.k. / udaya ravu chandrika [fabulous notes and beats of the indian carnatic-jazz] on the em records label.
12:50 PM- dean blunt / demon [the redeemer] on the hippos in tanks label.
12:47 PM- the spinanes / kid in candy [arches and aisles] on the sub pop label.
12:43 PM- julianna barwick / offing [nepenthe] on the dead oceans label.
12:41 PM- victor delorenzo / only god knows [pancake day] on the almo sounds label.
12:41 PM- skip & die / delhi dungeons [riot in the jungle] on the cram label.
12:31 PM- various artists / bodyguard [take a ride] on the bare back label.
12:26 PM- wang inc / sprinkling time [risotto 4/4] on the bip-hop label.
12:21 PM- dj me dj you / understanding music [can you see the music] on the eenie meenie label.
12:17 PM- wanabes / keys [popsucker] on the deja label.
12:08 PM- nohome / four [nohome] on the trost label.
12:06 PM- nobody / wake up and smell the millenium [and everything else] on the plug research label.
12:03 PM- siberian / airship [with me] on the sonic boom label.