ktru playsheet


from Thu 03/08/2018 01:00:00 PM until Thu 03/08/2018 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:58 PM- MIA / bamboo banger [kala] on the xl label.
02:51 PM- gobi, leila / tchuney goney [2017] on the clermont label.
02:47 PM- lead belly / john henry [lead belly sings for children] on the folkways label.
02:43 PM- hc mcentire / dress in the dark [lionheart] on the merge label.
02:38 PM- stereolab / margerine melodie [margerine eclipse] on the elektra label.
02:35 PM- shonen knife / dolly [happy hour] on the big deal! label.
02:29 PM- giant kitty / pretty little [rampage] on the roologic records label.
02:24 PM- mary lou newmark / mtv [room to breathe] on the s/r label.
02:22 PM- rondells, the / rediscover fire [the fox] on the teenbeat label.
02:18 PM- pearl crush / first blush [somewhere between 7"] on the poison moon label.
02:15 PM- mostar sevdah reunion / mujo leads his white horse [a secret gate] on the snail records label.
02:09 PM- margaret chavez / a loupe [a loupe] on the goliad media label.
02:07 PM- wendyfix / trained for lose [we have the cracks] on the carpark label.
02:02 PM- sinikka langeland / brudesang fra soler/bridal song [wizard women of the north] on the northside label.
01:59 PM- tee vee / star [soft spot] on the miss champagne label.
01:55 PM- bitter:sweet / dirty laundry [a new groove] on the putumayo label.
01:52 PM- stereototal / les chansons d'amour [musique automatique] on the bobsled label.
01:44 PM- natacha atlas / yalla chant [the remix collection] on the team clearmont label.
01:44 PM- anna oxygen / ponytails [all your faded things] on the cold crush label.
01:41 PM- kristin kontrol / skin shed [x-communicate] on the sub pop label.
01:34 PM- julie ruin, the / stay monkey [s/t] on the KRS label.
01:28 PM- kaki king / until we felt red [until we felt red] on the velour label.
01:28 PM- le tigre / get off the internet [from the desk of mr. lady] on the mr. lady records label.
01:18 PM- lightning bolt / dracula mountain [wonderful rainbow] on the load label.
01:15 PM- longboat / rats are learning [unpopular songs for unpopular people] on the planetary label.
01:09 PM- cojo / twisted remix [capricorn] on the s/r label.
01:07 PM- polarity/1 / believe me [take a pill] on the s/r label.
01:07 PM- aqueduct / growing up with GNR [i sold gold] on the barsuk label.
12:59 PM- asobi seksu / strawberries [citrus] on the friendly fire label.