ktru playsheet


from Sun 06/05/2011 08:00:00 PM until Sun 06/05/2011 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:53 PM- chapterhouse / rain [sunburst ep] on the .. label.
09:46 PM- rumskib / dreampoppers [s/t] on the darla label.
09:43 PM- 800beloved / no more unicorns [everything purple] on the self released label.
09:39 PM- presents for sally / flowers falling sideways [the secret garden volume 1] on the invada label.
09:31 PM- alcest / ciel errant [souvenirs d'un autre monde] on the prophecy label.
09:26 PM- belong / i never lose, never really [october language] on the carpark label.
09:22 PM- boys beware / flourescent [testimony] on the self released label.
09:16 PM- stereolab / super-electric [switched on] on the slumberland label.
09:09 PM- asobi seksu / red sea [citrus] on the friendly fire label.
09:04 PM- the fauns / road meets the sky [s/t] on the laser ghost recordings label.
09:03 PM- skywave / wear this dress [synth static] on the bliscent label.
09:01 PM- verve / make it 'til monday [a storm in heaven] on the hut recordings label.
08:51 PM- the mary onettes / century [islands] on the labrador label.
08:46 PM- catherine wheel / texture [ferment] on the fontana label.
08:44 PM- house of love / destroy the heart [s/t] on the creation label.
08:40 PM- ceremony / dream of only you [split 12"] on the safranin label.
08:34 PM- slowdive / waves [just for a day] on the creation label.
08:28 PM- isan / waves [blue skied an' clear] on the morr music label.
08:23 PM- jesus and mary chain / something's wrong [psychocandy] on the blanco y negro label.
08:18 PM- the consolation project / damage [..] on the self released label.
08:13 PM- //orangenoise / i know everything [//veracious ep] on the self released label.
08:12 PM- ride / vapour trail [nowhere] on the sire label.
08:08 PM- spectrum / neon sigh [soul kiss (glide divine)] on the silvertone label.