ktru playsheet


from Thu 12/15/2005 01:00:00 AM until Thu 12/15/2005 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:56 AM- v/a / white christmas by Irving Berlin [christmas guitars] on the green linnet records label.
03:51 AM- a.r.p. / christmas [the gift] on the rooster records inc. label.
03:48 AM- v/a / frosty the snowman by the mighty diamonds [regga pulse 4 christmas songs] on the trojan records label.
03:46 AM- v/a / gloria in excelsis deo by Pond [its finally christmas] on the tim kerr records label.
03:45 AM- kellems, anthony / god rest ye merry gentlemen [mobsters hangout] on the kellems label.
03:41 AM- why? / waterfalls [elephant eyelash] on the anticon label.
03:36 AM- moaners, the / water [dark snack] on the yep roc records label.
03:34 AM- monsieur leroc / hawaii bikini inspector [oh la la!] on the cornestone r.a.s. label.
03:30 AM- owls, the / air [our hopes and dreams] on the magic marker records label.
03:23 AM- trans-global underground / drinking in gomorrah [impossible broadcasting] on the artemis records label.
03:20 AM- neal and leandra / stranger in a small town [accidental dreams] on the red house records inc. label.
03:18 AM- yacht / i fought with my friend [mega] on the marriage label.
03:17 AM- rev. robert wilkins / jesus said if you go [...remember me] on the genes cd co. label.
03:15 AM- hassassins, the / fists of fury [solar lottery] on the hassassins label.
03:09 AM- burning spear / down in jamaica [our music] on the burning music productions label.
03:03 AM- rice philharmonics, the / waterfalls [a scorching day of abstention] on the - label.
03:02 AM- neely, billy / big yellow moon over texas [texas law and justice] on the arhoolie productions inc. label.
03:00 AM- fishwife / pearl diver [ritalin] on the head hunter label.
02:55 AM- karate / water [pockets] on the southern label.
02:48 AM- trowers, robert / good bait [synosis] on the concord jazz inc. label.
02:44 AM- twink / mr. magic [the broken record] on the seeland label.
02:41 AM- bottom of the hudson / december is only a window [songs from the barrel commando] on the happy home label.
02:38 AM- fall, the / pacifying joint [heads roll] on the narnack label.
02:34 AM- bright eyes / touch [letting off the happiness] on the saddle creek label.
02:33 AM- threadgill, henry / too much sugar [too much sugar for a dime] on the island records label.
02:22 AM- sublimator, the / and i dreamt of you [recalibrated] on the scared / stickfigure label.
02:18 AM- hanson bros., the / sabrina [gross misconduct] on the alternative tentacles records label.
02:12 AM- fahey, john / lion [the essential john fahey guitarq] on the vanguard recordings label.
02:10 AM- secret mommy / tennis court [very rec] on the ache label.
02:04 AM- lehndorff, peter / love on the line [love on the line] on the signature sounds recording company label.
02:02 AM- attic ted / went to sea [hemogoblin] on the pecan crazy label.

01:54 AM- hitchcock, robyn / grooving on a inner plane [invisible hitchcock] on the relativity records inc. label.
01:50 AM- barbez / the portrait [insignificance] on the important! label.
01:48 AM- king, cast / peggy [saw mill man] on the locust label.
01:44 AM- l'espirit / retaliation [in the nursery] on the wax trax records inc. label.
01:38 AM- sleater-kinney / rollercoaster [the woods] on the sub pop label.
01:34 AM- jimmy rogers, big bill hickey, hubert sumlin and friends / slick chick [bill's blues] on the atomic theory records label.
01:31 AM- icky boyfriends / flying monkeys [talking to you is just like being dead: 1988 - present] on the menlo park recordings label.
01:29 AM- eric dolphy / variant II [vintage dolphy] on the gm recordings label.
01:25 AM- will le blanc / wedding vows [solo reunion] on the shiester records label.
01:21 AM- attar, bachir / the next dream [next dream] on the cmp records label.
01:15 AM- charlemagne / dawn upon [s/t] on the winterlander label.
01:10 AM- lokai / histoire ds [7 million] on the mosz label.
01:08 AM- the upsetters / grave yard bully [upsetters a go go] on the heart beat label.
01:03 AM- michael hill's blues mob / why we play the blues [bloodlines] on the alligator records label.
01:00 AM- si kahn / i have seen freedom [i have seen freedom] on the flying fish records inc. label.