ktru playsheet

LilyI, AnneliR

from Thu 09/23/2010 11:00:00 AM until Thu 09/23/2010 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:00 PM- tel aviv / my week beats your year [map of what is effortless] on the hefty label.
12:56 PM- beulah / popular mechanics for lovers [the coast is never clear] on the velocette label.
12:54 PM- belle and sebastian / storytelling [storytelling] on the matador label.
12:51 PM- roky moon and bolt / vampire [ktru live volume 2] on the self-released label.
12:47 PM- spoon / everything hits at once [girls can tell] on the merge label.
12:44 PM- pink anderson, / you don't know my mind [classic appalachian blues] on the smithsonian folkways label.
12:42 PM- cage, john / forever and sunsmell [three constructions] on the tomato label.
12:36 PM- panda bear / take pills [person pitch] on the paw tracks label.
12:35 PM- liverpool / danca da chuva [por favor, sucesso] on the shadoks label.
12:31 PM- whitmore, william elliott / let the rain come in [animals in the dark] on the anti label.
12:28 PM- the boston secession / verse i - death theme [afterlife -- german choral meditations on mortality] on the brave records label.
12:23 PM- beirut / the akara [march of the zapotec] on the pompeii label.
12:19 PM- dave alvin adn the guilty women / boss of the blues [s/t] on the yeproc label.
12:14 PM- phoenix / north [it's never been like that] on the virgin label.
12:08 PM- method actors, the / do the method [this is still it] on the acute records label.
12:02 PM- doctor phibes / the tin woodman's dream [portable darkness] on the playhouse ventures label.
11:58 AM- balkan beat box / smatron [blue eyed black boy] on the nat geo music label.
11:55 AM- vic chesnutt / look at me [left to his own devices] on the spinart label.
11:51 AM- dry rib / men of war [whose last trickle] on the hyped2death label.
11:45 AM- horace silver / walk on [a prescription for the blues] on the grp label.
11:40 AM- poster children / deadman [new world record] on the spin art label.
11:36 AM- hug, charlotte, gal in dog / atl (part ii) [lift] on the edgetone label.
11:32 AM- chicken hawk / lady of lake [darknesspee] on the doormat, tx label.
11:29 AM- ratatat / wildcat [classics] on the xl label.
11:24 AM- lange, roberto carlos / abajo [music for memory] on the asthmatic kitty records label.
11:22 AM- poo poodles / bananaman/eggboy [here comes the future] on the cul de sac label.
11:18 AM- human rights / we gotta unite [i luv] on the railroad label.
11:12 AM- rainmaker / spare change [s/t] on the jonathan chi label.
11:10 AM- creedle / lewis [silent weapons for quiet wars] on the headhunter label.
11:05 AM- andrew bird / sovay [andrew bird and the mysterious production of eggs] on the righteous babe label.