ktru playsheet


from Mon 10/19/2009 07:00:00 AM until Mon 10/19/2009 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:00 AM- gilberto gil / volks volkswagen blue [cerebro eletronico] on the water label.
08:56 AM- yo la tengo / avalon or someone very similar [popular songs] on the matador label.
08:49 AM- isis / 20 minutes/40 years [wavering radiant] on the ipecac label.
08:46 AM- young mammals / confetti [carrots] on the s/r label.
08:43 AM- tontons, the / kaleidoscope [the ton tons] on the esthetic noise label.
08:38 AM- mu330 / hoosier love [press] on the asian man label.
08:32 AM- micachu / calculator [jewellery] on the rough trade label.
08:23 AM- angell, theo / tenebrae [tenebrae] on the amish label.
08:13 AM- sun ra / reflects motion [secrets of the sun] on the atavistic label.
08:11 AM- guimaraes e / our sound [black rio 2] on the strut label.
08:10 AM- renata lu / faz tanto tempo [black rio 2] on the strut label.
08:09 AM- nomo / nocturne [invisible cities] on the ubiquity recordings, inc. label.
08:05 AM- long john hunter / ride with me [ride with me] on the alligator label.
07:54 AM- prefuse 73 / parachute panador [everything she touched turned ampexian] on the warp label.
07:48 AM- beau jocque and the zydeco hi rollers / beau jocque run [git it beau jocque] on the rounder label.
07:43 AM- claudio jorge / coco sacudido [brazilian playground] on the putumayo label.
07:37 AM- blue meanies / it doesn't matter [peace love groove] on the no record label.
07:34 AM- the urge / spyz [magically delicious] on the s/r label.
07:32 AM- old 97s / won't be home [drag it up] on the new west label.
07:27 AM- rachel buchman / the swing [sing a song of seasons] on the rounder label.
07:23 AM- furry lewis / on the road again [on the road again] on the genes label.