ktru playsheet

AnnieC, JustinH

from Mon 10/24/2005 01:04:00 AM until Mon 10/24/2005 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:59 AM- the televangelist and the architect / the birth of a salesman [the mass exodus from california] on the undetected plagiarism label.
03:55 AM- scabs, the / boom boom baby (radio edit) [fresh & fine] on the shockorama records label.
03:51 AM- o'connor, sinead / door peep [throw down your arms] on the unknown label.
03:48 AM- wray, grayson / heaven's the place [picasso's dream] on the impressive music label.
03:40 AM- miles davis / 'round midnight [jazz showcase] on the prestige records label.
03:37 AM- bright eyes / take it easy (love nothing) [10 song sampler cd] on the saddle creek label.
03:35 AM- hearts of darkness / positive [music for drunk driving] on the schematic label.
03:30 AM- the flaming lips / guy who got a headache and accidentally saves the world [clouds taste metallic] on the warner bros. label.
03:27 AM- the owls / air [our hopes and dreams] on the magic marker label.
03:21 AM- daedelus / dearly departed [exquisite corpse] on the mush label.
03:11 AM- paquito d'rivera / tanga [more finest contemporary latin music:united rhythms of messidor] on the messidor label.
03:08 AM- bottom of the hudson / december is only a widow [songs from the barrel commando] on the happy home label.
03:06 AM- the terminals / cul-de-sac [cul-de-sac] on the festival label.
03:02 AM- lightning bolt / birdy [hypermagic mountain] on the load label.
03:00 AM- the bobbleheads / raisin [automatic fun] on the poppop records label.
02:56 AM- celia cruz con la sonora matancera / caramelos [travel channel presents: songs from around the world] on the rhino label.
02:53 AM- old 97s / victoria [wreck your life] on the bloodshot label.
02:45 AM- the itals / could you be loved [dance around the world] on the rhythm safari label.
02:42 AM- le tigre / deceptacon [s/t] on the mr. lady records label.
02:39 AM- latin playboys / viva la raza [latin playboys] on the slash/warner bros. label.
02:35 AM- go! team, the / ladyflash [thunder, lightning, strike] on the memphis industries, ltd label.
02:30 AM- caribou / hello hammerheads [the milk of human kindness] on the domino label.
02:26 AM- fishbone / swim [give a monkey a brain] on the columbia label.
02:21 AM- thailande / solo de penn mang khawk [le musique des mons] on the sunset france label.
02:19 AM- heavy trash / dark hair'd rider [s/t] on the yep rock label.
02:15 AM- the velvet underground / rock and roll [slc punk original soundtrack] on the hollywood label.
02:11 AM- ratatat / seventeen years [ratatat] on the xl label.
02:04 AM- merzbow / tadpole [merzbeat] on the important label.
02:01 AM- new pornographers / twin cinema [twin cinema] on the matador label.
01:58 AM- populous / pawn shop close [queue for love] on the morr music label.
01:53 AM- g.n. balasubramiam / marukelara o rhagava [carnatic vocal] on the apex india label.
01:43 AM- explosions in the sky / greet death [those who tell the truth will die those who tell the will live forever ] on the temporary residence label.
01:39 AM- earlimart / the movies [the movies] on the whoreticulture label.
01:35 AM- kilgour, david / living in space [frozen orange] on the merge label.
01:31 AM- starlight mints / valerie flames [the dream that stuff was made of] on the seethru label.
01:29 AM- dropkick murphys / blood and whiskey [the gang's all here] on the hellcat label.
01:25 AM- ted leo and the pharmacists / timorous me [tyranny of distance] on the lookout label.
01:22 AM- drive like jehu / new math [yank crime] on the interscope label.
01:16 AM- wolf parade / shine a light [s/t ep] on the sub pop label.
01:12 AM- sleater-kinney / wilderness [the woods] on the sub pop label.
01:09 AM- the oranges band / my street [on TV] on the lookout label.
01:07 AM- les savy fav / asleepers union [rome (written upside down) ep] on the southern label.