ktru playsheet


from Sat 11/11/2017 12:00:00 PM until Sat 11/11/2017 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:59 PM- avey tare / lunch out of order [eucalpyptus] on the domino label.
01:51 PM- avey tare / ms. secret [eucalyptus] on the domino label.
01:46 PM- el lago / colors [colors] on the miss champagne label.
01:41 PM- various artists / septeto nacional ignacio pineiro [putumayo presents cuba! cuba!] on the putumayo world music label.
01:35 PM- el lago / tentative threads [colors] on the miss campagne label.
01:31 PM- quin galavis / question [the battery line] on the super secret records label.
01:28 PM- holiday ghosts / in my head [holiday ghosts] on the pnksim label.
01:23 PM- greg burk and vicente lebron / unduality one: b prepared [unduality] on the accurate label.
01:13 PM- various artists / al valdes y su conjunto - guajira [putumayo presents cuba! cuba!] on the putumayo wolrd music label.
01:09 PM- holiday ghosts / quiet carriage [holiday ghosts] on the pnksim label.
01:00 PM- warren burt / portrait of john chalmers [harmonic color fields] on the thrill jockey label.
12:52 PM- benni / more than man (machine supreme) [i&ii] on the goner label.
12:50 PM- a giant dog / angst in my pants [toy] on the merge label.
12:47 PM- john cage / imaginary lanscape n .5 [early electronic and tape music] on the 2014 label.
12:43 PM- baby jesus / the beat [took our sons away] on the yippee ki yay records label.
12:38 PM- midnight sister / showgirl [saturn over sunset] on the jagjaguwar label.
12:37 PM- benni / night theme reprise [i&ii] on the goner label.
12:27 PM- midnight sister / blue cigar [saturn over sunset] on the jaggjaguwar label.
12:23 PM- kamasi washington / knowledge [hormany of difference] on the young turks label.
12:17 PM- michael byron / in the village of hope [in the village of hope] on the cold blue music label.
12:14 PM- john cage / 0'00'' [early electronic and tape music] on the 2014 label.
12:06 PM- trailer trash tracys / seibenkas [althaea] on the double six records label.
12:02 PM- morricone youth / trolley song [sunrise: a song of two humans] on the country club records label.