ktru playsheet

AndieS, MarkS
world music

from Thu 03/05/2015 05:00:00 PM until Thu 03/05/2015 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

06:48 PM- various artists / patalon [shadow music of java] on the rounder records label.
06:45 PM- open house / flowers of the forest [2nd story] on the green linnet label.
06:39 PM- willie and lobo / ole cinco [siete] on the narada world label.
06:35 PM- ostad elahi / suite saru khani [une epopee spirituelle- a spiritual epic] on the le chant du monde label.
06:25 PM- sygyt / lament of the igil [huun-huur-tu- old songs and tunes of tuva] on the shanachie label.
06:22 PM- nighean dubh alainn / the teapot jig [the bees knees] on the green linnet label.
06:21 PM- various artists / darwin cyclone [20 best of asia, africa and australia] on the arc music label.
06:15 PM- hal-an-tow / bean phaidin [songs of the six celtic nations] on the lyrichord label.
06:11 PM- tipica fousto dolorier / besos brujos [huayno music of peru] on the arhoolie label.
06:09 PM- partisans of vilna / unter dayne vayse shtern (under your white stars) [the songs of WWII jewish resistance] on the flying fish label.
06:06 PM- george symonette / don't touch me tomato [calypso- vintage songs of the caribbean] on the putumayo world music label.
06:02 PM- various artists / siseler [gypsy fire] on the traditional crossroads label.
05:57 PM- buppah saichol / roob lor thom pai [thai pop spectacular] on the sublime frequencies label.
05:53 PM- cyril pahinui / panini pua kea [hawaiian slack key guitar masters] on the windham hill label.
05:50 PM- song creators in eastern turkey / bolu bey [n\a] on the smithsonian folkways label.
05:47 PM- the mahotella queens / wozani mahipi (hippies come to soweto) [soweto never sleeps- classic female zulu jive] on the shanachie label.
05:42 PM- kohachiro miyata / sanya [shakuhachi:the japanese flute] on the elektra nonesuch label.
05:34 PM- the mahotella queens / isusu somhambi (music which feeds the guests) [soweto never sleeps- classic female zulu jive] on the shanachie label.
05:30 PM- the rustavi choir / didou nana [heroic songs and hymns from georgia] on the shanachie label.
05:24 PM- ravi shankar / maru bihhag [the sounds of india] on the columbia records label.
05:18 PM- le mystere des voix bulgares / the childless bride [a cathedral concert] on the verve label.
05:15 PM- frank quinn / the rakes of drummlish [if you are irish] on the arhoolie label.
05:12 PM- frank quinn / paddy mcginty's goat [if you are irish] on the arhoolie records label.
05:06 PM- bonga / makongo [74] on the tinder records label.
05:06 PM- Sexteto Machin / Mamma, Yo Quiero Un Yoyo [sextetos cubanos] on the arhoolie label.