ktru playsheet


from Sun 05/23/2004 06:00:00 PM until Sun 05/23/2004 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:27 PM- sanders, pharoah / black unity [black unity] on the impluse label.
07:18 PM- parker, evan / buriden's ass [the snake decides] on the psi label.
07:10 PM- borbetomagnus / track 2 [live @ inroads] on the psf label.
07:03 PM- stabbins, larry/ riley, howard/ wren, tony/ sanders, mark / blue dark [four in the afternoon] on the emanem label.
06:58 PM- minton, phil/ turner, roger / reasonable [drainage] on the emanem label.
06:39 PM- weston, veryan & caroline kraabel / colchester [five shadows] on the emanem label.
06:35 PM- goodman, greg/ kaiser, henry/ ligeti, lukas / riddled [heavy meta] on the ecstatic yod label.
06:27 PM- butcher, john/ charles, xavier/ dorner, axel / loganberry [the contest of pleasures] on the potlach label.
06:20 PM- gustaffson, mats & michael zerang / parrot fish eye [parrot fish eye] on the okkadisk label.
06:08 PM- hill, andrew / dusk [dusk] on the palmetto label.
06:01 PM- coltrane, john / welcome [ascension] on the black saint label.