ktru playsheet


from Tue 03/18/2014 12:00:00 AM until Tue 03/18/2014 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:49 AM- the hidden cameras / fear is on [mississauga goddam] on the rough trade label.
01:44 AM- lisa pegher / pure passages [minimal art/imaginary windows] on the akm productions label.
01:41 AM- paul newman / all black, all anal [re-issue] on the my pal god label.
01:40 AM- motorpsycho & stale storlokken / flotsam [the death defying unicorn] on the rune grammofon/motopsychadelic tunes label.
01:32 AM- annea lockwood / thousand year dreaming [thousand year dreaming] on the whats next label.
01:18 AM- ghost dance / short jeans [ghost dance] on the rough beast label.
01:16 AM- the texas instruments / when i found you [magnetic home] on the doctor dream records label.
01:15 AM- ryan hemsworth / small + lost ft. sinead harnett [guilt trips] on the last gang records label.
01:12 AM- white rainbow / major spillage [new clouds] on the kranky label.
12:42 AM- dead c / armed [armed courage] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
12:40 AM- yullduz usmanova / uchir-uchir [alma alma] on the blue flame records label.
12:38 AM- laura stevenson / journey to the center of the earth [wheel] on the don giovanni label.
12:37 AM- bizzart / suicide bomber's parade [bloodshot mama] on the sounds are active label.
12:34 AM- whitman, keith fullerton & davis, greg / boston dance company [yearlong] on the carpark label.
12:32 AM- legendary pink dots / bella d. [farewell milky way] on the soleilmoon label.
12:24 AM- guards / giving out [in guards we trust] on the black bell label.
12:22 AM- will oldham / the irsen lord [black/rich music] on the dc100cd label.
12:16 AM- on an on / i wanted to say more [give in] on the roll call records label.
12:11 AM- deerhoof / rrrrrrrright [the runners four] on the 5rc label.
12:04 AM- jon mueller / collections of colonies of bees "six guitars" [music of jon mueller] on the radium label.
12:03 AM- Eisley / Marvelous Things [Marvelous Things] on the Reprise label.