ktru playsheet


from Thu 11/17/2005 01:00:00 AM until Thu 11/17/2005 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

04:03 AM- a. graham and the moment band / so many girls [this tyrant is free] on the sonic unyon label.
03:56 AM- bon mots, the / glistening [le main drag] on the mellifluid/parasol label.
03:50 AM- the whole fantastic world / we've got the books! [chime!] on the theory 8 records label.
03:46 AM- saint chapelle / soon to fail [soon to fail] on the cardboard sangria records label.
03:44 AM- the kamikaze hearts / five point turn [s/t] on the self label.
03:40 AM- little charlie and the nightcats / livin' good [that's big] on the alligator label.
03:38 AM- go! team, the / junior kickstart [thunder, lightning, strike] on the memphis industries, ltd label.
03:32 AM- sun kil moon / ocean breathes salty [tiny cities] on the caldo verde label.
03:18 AM- thuja / no title [pine cone temples] on the strange attactors label.
03:11 AM- cooper-moore, and tsahar, assif / tribes gathering [tells untold] on the hopscotch label.
03:06 AM- fog / song about a wedding [10th avenue freakout] on the lex label.
03:02 AM- o'connor, sinead / prophet has arise [throw down your arms] on the unknown label.
02:48 AM- davis, greg and roux, sebastian / tidal pool [paquet surprise] on the carpark label.
02:42 AM- modey Lemon / in another land [The Curious City] on the Birdman label.
02:35 AM- lozenge / botch [undone] on the sickroom label.
02:29 AM- bennie wallace / round about midnight [plays monk] on the enja records label.
02:23 AM- death cab for cutie / the sound of settling [transatlanticism] on the barsuk label.
02:18 AM- roomful of blues / i left my baby [turn it on, turn it up] on the bullseyey blues label.
02:13 AM- lightning bolt / magic mountain [hypermagic mountain] on the load label.
02:08 AM- dr. ross / good thing blues [boogie disease] on the arhoolie productions inc. label.
02:03 AM- the chris walden big band / rainy day in vancouver [home of my heart] on the origin records label.
01:57 AM- sondheim, alan / ritual all 7-70 / track 01 [the songs] on the fire museum label.
01:47 AM- stryker, dave / guitar on top [guitar on top] on the ken music inc. label.
01:45 AM- anny celsi / little black dress [little black dress and other stories] on the ragazza music label.
01:39 AM- giovanni tommaso / meet you on the way [via gt] on the red records label.
01:32 AM- israel vibration / same song [live again!] on the ras records inc. label.
01:29 AM- chinaboise / working girl [the greatest story ever told] on the gulcher label.
01:25 AM- human sexual response / guardian angel [fig. 14] on the passport records label.
01:22 AM- lekmen, jens / happy birthday dear friend lisa [when i said i wanted to be your dog] on the secretly canadian label.
01:18 AM- junior brown / guitar man [mixed bag] on the curb records inc. label.
01:14 AM- christian and the jews / souvenir [buried like a knife, carried like a bride] on the self-released label.
01:11 AM- itals, the / roll river jordan [give me power!] on the nighthawk label.
01:07 AM- iron and wine & calexico / red dust [in the reins] on the overcoat label.
01:04 AM- hackberry ramblers, the / cajun boogie [cajun boogie] on the flying fish records, inc. label.
01:03 AM- workman, reggie / meteor [summit conference] on the postcards inc. label.