ktru playsheet


from Fri 12/26/2003 04:00:00 PM until Fri 12/26/2003 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:52 PM- jackie-o motherfucker / amazing grace [fig. 5] on the road cone label.
06:48 PM- Noforonin-Dratsiambakaina, Hirain-Drazaivelo and Christine Zanany (Madagascar) / miverena rahavana [hot women: women singers from the torrid regions of the world] on the kein and aber label.
06:45 PM- dezurik sisters / go to sleep my darling [flowers in the wildwood: women in early country music] on the trikont label.
06:42 PM- no-neck blues band / track 5 [sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me] on the revenant label.
06:36 PM- kowald/masaoka/robair / view eighteen [illuminations] on the rastascan label.
06:29 PM- beaulieau, emil / track 5 [kill the all-noise japanese artists] on the pure 151 label.
05:50 PM- sanders, pharoah / black unity [black unity] on the impluse label.
05:46 PM- von schlippenbach, alexander / attya [broomriding] on the psi label.
05:41 PM- stabbins, larry / breathing [monadic] on the emanem label.
05:27 PM- normandeau, robert / malina [clair de terre] on the empreintes digitales label.
05:23 PM- rawlings, vic / bullock, mike / when the [fall of song] on the chloe label.
05:09 PM- smith, randall / insideout (1999) [sondes] on the empreintes digitales label.
05:03 PM- sodahberk, dwayne / scimitar [unfortunately] on the tigerbeat 6 label.
05:03 PM- ae / carpaccio [bootleg] on the sonig label.
04:56 PM- laminar / burst [nozzle] on the ashodel label.
04:53 PM- nudge / search party [elaborate devices for filtering crisis] on the tigerbeat6 label.
04:43 PM- parker. evan / buriden's ass [the snake decides] on the psi label.
04:32 PM- ramanan, roland / before [shaken] on the emanem label.
04:15 PM- naked city / grand guignol [grand guignol] on the avant label.
04:10 PM- ground zero / ultra q [plays standards] on the diw label.
04:08 PM- tarras, dave and the musiker brothers / gypsy [tanz!] on the epic / sony label.
03:59 PM- comets on fire / beneath the iceage [field recordings from the sun] on the ba da bing label.