ktru playsheet


from Thu 06/16/2005 11:00:00 AM until Thu 06/16/2005 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:52 PM- m83 / lower your eyeids to die with the sun [before the dawn heals us] on the gooom label.
12:49 PM- weirdo/begeirdo / sike [so i'm the dude in this equation] on the not not fun label.
12:43 PM- supersystem / born into the world [always never again] on the super records label.
12:36 PM- out hud / old nude [let us never speak of it again] on the kranky label.
12:36 PM- lcd sound system / yr city's a sucker [7"] on the DFA label.
12:25 PM- the pleased / already gone [dont make things] on the big wheel label.
12:25 PM- beauty pill / ride share [cigarette girl from the future] on the vice label.
12:16 PM- prefuse 73 / pastel assassins [surrounded by silence] on the warp label.
12:12 PM- rjd2 / let the good times roll part 2 [deadringer] on the def jux label.
12:09 PM- mahjongg / the rRABBITT [cold crush] on the arc6ery label.
12:04 PM- the aniversary / sweet marie [your majesty] on the vagrant label.
11:59 AM- bloc party / this modern love [silent alarm] on the vice/dim label.
11:53 AM- arcade fire / neighborrhood #1 [funeral] on the merge label.
11:48 AM- mobius band / city vs country [city vs country] on the s/r label.
11:43 AM- russian futurists / hurtin 4 certain [our thickness] on the upper class label.
11:42 AM- royksopp / remind me [melody AM] on the astralwerks label.
11:41 AM- drop Trio / anapodypsis [Leap] on the Invisible Dog label.
11:30 AM- shins / caring is creepy [oh, inverted world] on the kill rock stars label.
11:28 AM- spoon / i summon you [gimme fiction] on the merge label.
11:25 AM- single frame / underground at noon [body/end/basement] on the volcom label.
11:18 AM- enon / knock that door [lost marbles and exploded evidence] on the touch and go label.
11:18 AM- le tigre / seconds [new kicks] on the k label.
11:08 AM- marbles / when you open [expo] on the spin art label.
11:08 AM- decemberists / 16 military wives [picaresque] on the kill rock stars label.
11:03 AM- mountain goats / lion's teeth [the sunset tree] on the 4ad label.