ktru playsheet


from Mon 02/24/2003 01:00:00 PM until Mon 02/24/2003 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:01 PM- need new body / land hobo/monkey dancer [s/t] on the cenotaph audio label.
02:52 PM- thilges3 / haus schillerstrasse [die offene gesellschraft] on the staubgold label.
02:47 PM- brave combo / apples, peaches, pumpkin pie [polka sonic] on the cleveland international label.
02:46 PM- gold sparkle band / second city fugue (answer) [fugues and flowers] on the squealer label.
02:42 PM- burnside project / repeat after me [the networks, the circuits, the streams, the harmonies] on the bar/none label.
02:39 PM- susheela raman / mamavatu [v/a putumayo presents asian groove] on the putumayo label.
02:36 PM- 30 amp fuse / punk virtuoso [v/a disco sucks] on the che label.
02:32 PM- antipop consortium/matthew shipp / real is surreal [antipop vs. matthew shipp] on the thirsty ear label.
02:29 PM- iron & wine / weary memory [the creek drank the cradle] on the sub pop label.
02:27 PM- hecker / chant/p.groy [sun pandemonium] on the mego label.
02:23 PM- the books / enjoy your worries you may never have them again [v/a ny: various artists] on the apartment b label.
02:17 PM- mbuti pygmies of the ituri rainforest / in the rainforest approaching a forest camp, elephant hunting song [s/t] on the smithsonian folkways label.
02:15 PM- casym steel orchestra (trinidadian) / my time (excerpt) [v/a nyc global beat of the boroughs] on the smithsonian folkways label.
02:08 PM- pengo / the miraculous gimp returns from the moon [a nervous splendor] on the hoama label.
02:03 PM- baby ford and the ifach collective / late check out [sacred machine] on the klang label.
01:57 PM- negativland / you must choose [v/a live at the knitting factory 3] on the a&m label.
01:50 PM- the golden arm trio / handmill turning, treasure hunt [why the sea is salt] on the loveletter/shamrock label.
01:48 PM- steward / cindy two [v/a little darla has a treat for you v. 12] on the darla label.
01:46 PM- jim mills / poor ellen smith [v/a cool blue outlaws] on the sugar hill label.
01:42 PM- kramer / get it on [v/a mark bolan great jewish music] on the tzadik label.
01:37 PM- cibo matto / sugarwater [!viva la woman!] on the warnerbros label.
01:35 PM- rubber o cement / yawn propulsion set up, yawn count, take off [high speed electronic cardboard] on the toyo label.
01:28 PM- future sound of london / go tell it to the trees egghead [the isness] on the hypnotic records label.
01:21 PM- amba / ...to the grave [the fire this time] on the hidden art label.
01:13 PM- zubi zuva / um.. a couple.. i couldn't choose ;) [jehovah] on the tzadik label.
01:09 PM- una forma mas / soy del monte [vocal sampling] on the sire label.
01:04 PM- clem snide / moment in the sun [the ghost of fashion] on the spinart label.