ktru playsheet

42, GenaG
things i don't understand

from Sun 02/11/2018 12:00:00 AM until Sun 02/11/2018 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:10 AM- us / various loopings of previous material - inc super slow version of mamorufujeida [n/a] on the tidu label.
01:17 AM- lui pui-yuen / 1 [china music of the pipa] on the elektra nonesuch label.
01:05 AM- v/a / sangh seiatim [harmony of hte spheres] on the drunken fish label.
12:46 AM- boozoo chaves / johnnie billie goat [zydeco homebrew] on the maison de soul recs label.
12:35 AM- left wing fascists / i drive a yugo [a mother's nightmare] on the roncon recs label.
12:26 AM- mamoru fujeida / piano selection ii [patterns of plants] on the pinna recs label.
12:21 AM- mamoru fujeida / the twenty first collection [patterns of plants] on the pinna recs label.
12:09 AM- twink / step right up [wide eyed wild ride] on the s/r label.
12:00 AM- gate / untitled [gate/tom carter] on the carbon recs label.