ktru playsheet


from Wed 10/13/2004 01:00:00 AM until Wed 10/13/2004 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:58 AM- bob marley / ado [talkin blues] on the tugg gong label.
03:58 AM- the fumes / oil [knock out the axis] on the empty records label.
03:50 AM- The Mars Volta / Concertina [Tremulant EP] on the Gold Standard Labarotories label.
03:47 AM- The Bad Brains / Don't Blow Bubbles [Quickness] on the Caroline Records label.
03:44 AM- Le Tigre / TGIF [Feminist Sweepstakes] on the Mr. Lady Records label.
03:42 AM- Bikini Kill / Rebel Girl [The Singles] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
03:36 AM- The Rapture / Out of the races and onto the tracks [Out of the races and onto the tracks] on the subpop label.
03:33 AM- unsacred hearts / i was raised to be polite and kind [s/t ep] on the serious business label.
03:30 AM- Tana Reid / some slinkin' [yours and mine] on the concord jazz label.
03:24 AM- lackloves / don't leave me now [the beat and the time] on the ERROR: Entry not found in index or view's index not built label.
03:23 AM- Rasputina / opossum of the grotto [frustration plantation] on the instinct label.
03:21 AM- Dennis Brown / Never gonna give you up [blazin] on the Shanachie label.
03:14 AM- newman, a. c. / Drink to me, babe, then [the slow wonder] on the matadork label.
03:09 AM- Sonic Youth / She is not alone [Sonic Youth] on the SST Records label.
03:03 AM- book of knots, the / hook [s/t] on the arclight label.
03:01 AM- The Backsliders / Throwin' Rocks at the Moon [Throwin' Rocks at the Moon] on the Mammoth Records label.
02:56 AM- Fugazi / Bad Mouth [Fugazi] on the Dischord label.
02:48 AM- The Talking Heads / The Girls want to be with the girls [more songs about buildings and food] on the sire records label.
02:42 AM- black octopus lipstick project / a bee sack [foam party] on the peek a boo label.
02:40 AM- detonations / victim [static vision] on the alive label.
02:39 AM- dirty projectors, the / a labor more restful [slaves' graves and ballads] on the western vinyl label.
02:33 AM- Clark Terry / Blue Monk [One on One] on the chesky records label.
02:31 AM- PJ Harvey / Down by the water [Down by the water] on the Island label.
02:26 AM- guided by voices / Teenage FBI [Do the Collapse] on the TVT Records label.
02:26 AM- The Bad Livers / lumpy, beanpole, and dirt [industry and thrift] on the sugar hill label.
02:20 AM- cerberus shoal / Rain [s/t] on the north east indie label.
02:14 AM- The Thomas Jefferson Slave Apt.'s / Negative Guest List [Bait and Switch] on the Onion Records label.
02:09 AM- The Circle Jerks / Wild in the streets [Wild in the streets] on the A Step-forward Record label.
02:01 AM- rishaug, alexander / Tatlic [possible landscape] on the asphodel label.
02:00 AM- Mugsy Spanier / Bluin the blues [The "Ragtime Band" Sessions] on the Bluebird Records label.
01:58 AM- The Misfits / I turned into a martian [Walk Among Us] on the Ruby Records label.
01:56 AM- The Flaming Lips / When You Smile [Clouds Taste Metallic] on the Warner Bros. label.
01:50 AM- Larry Stabbins / Chirruping [Monadic] on the Emanem label.
01:45 AM- zolar x / Fe1142 [timeless] on the alternative tentacles label.
01:44 AM- golia, vinny / single booth enclosure [a gift for the unusual - music for contrabass saxophone] on the nine winds label.
01:42 AM- clinic / circle of fifths [winchester cathedral] on the domino label.
01:41 AM- molina, juana / No es tan cierto [tres cosas] on the domino label.
01:35 AM- legends, the / Right On [up against the legends] on the lakeshore entertainment label.
01:34 AM- Jim Snidero / Alone in a Crowd [Urban Tales] on the Square Discs label.
01:33 AM- French Paddleboat / Southern Dakota [conversions in metric] on the Scratch 30 Records label.
01:32 AM- Royal Fitzgerald / A month of Sundays [The Best of Royal Fitzgerald] on the Velvety Pod Music label.
01:29 AM- The Ramones / Teenage Labotomy [Ramones Mania] on the Sire Records label.
01:28 AM- The Philistines Jr. / The Sci-Fi Song [The Sinking of the S.S. Danehower] on the Dot Dot Dash label.
01:26 AM- The Sex Pistols / Submission [The MIni Album] on the Chaos Records label.
01:25 AM- The Arcade Fire / Neighborhood [Funeral] on the Merge label.
01:25 AM- Matthew Shipp / On Green Dolphin Street [Songs] on the Splasc(H) label.
01:24 AM- The Clash / Lost in the supermarket [London Calling] on the Epic Records label.