ktru playsheet


from Mon 01/10/2011 01:00:00 AM until Mon 01/10/2011 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:04 AM- lycia / tongues [drones, loves, honesties, sounds] on the silber label.
02:59 AM- celer / on the edges of each season [dying star] on the dragon's eye label.
02:47 AM- marc tremblay / conte sous la lune [bruit-graffiti] on the empreintes digitales label.
02:40 AM- hsin-jung tsai / repentance and vows [the moon reflected in three times] on the gaya label.
02:38 AM- ahmed saliev / tsonkinata [song of the crooked dance: early bulgarian traditional music 1927-42] on the yazoo label.
02:35 AM- harry partch / the letter [the harry partch collection vol 2] on the composers recordings label.
02:31 AM- ritornell / catch & kiss [golden solitude] on the karaoke kalk label.
02:23 AM- giant sand / happenstance [glum] on the imago label.
02:19 AM- the mountain goats & kaki king / bring our curses home [black pear tree] on the cadmean dawn label.
02:16 AM- jon mueller / remembered As [the whole] on the type label.
02:12 AM- chihei hatakeyama / towards a tranquil marsh [minima moralia] on the kranky label.
01:53 AM- acid mothers temple / in e [in c] on the squealer label.
01:47 AM- out of focus, / see how a white negro flies [cloud cuckoo land] on the finders keepers label.
01:42 AM- lea riders group / dom kallar oss mods [searchin for shakes: swedish beat 1965-1968] on the amigo musik label.
01:36 AM- grinderman / bellringer blues [grinderman 2] on the anti- label.
01:34 AM- swans / reeling the liars in [my father will guide me up a rope to the sky] on the young god records label.
01:29 AM- lichens / vevor of agassou [omns] on the kranky label.
01:22 AM- april fulladosa / sunlit horizon [groove merchant turns 20] on the luv n' haight label.
01:15 AM- walter ruttmann / weekend [walter ruttman weekend remix] on the intermedium label.
01:10 AM- mikael stavostrand / untitled, track 5 [delgenelralton] on the staalplaat/soleilmoon label.
01:05 AM- lazaro ros + olorun / cantos iyesa [songs for elegua] on the ashe label.
01:03 AM- os korimbas / semba braguez [angola soundtrack: the unique sound of luanda 1965-1978] on the analog africa label.