ktru playsheet

AnindyaS, KennY

from Tue 09/13/2011 10:00:00 PM until Tue 09/13/2011 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:07 AM- A Tribe Called Quest / Motivators [Beats, Rhymes, and Life] on the Jive Records label.
12:06 AM- Buckshot feat / Showdown [War Zone] on the Priority Records label.
12:02 AM- dead prez / police state [Police State] on the Loud Records label.
12:01 AM- a tribe called quest / phony rappers [beats, rhymes, and life] on the jive records label.
11:58 PM- mountain brothers / galaxies [galaxies] on the self-release label.
11:56 PM- canibus / second round ko [second round ko] on the group home label.
11:37 PM- afrika bambaataa & the the cosmic frce / zulu ation throwdown [true school vol. 1] on the cold front label.
11:34 PM- run d.m.c. / sucker m.c.'s [true school vol. 3] on the cold front label.
11:31 PM- fat boys / jail house rap [history of rap vol. 1] on the cold front label.
11:27 PM- dizzee rascal / fix up, look sharp [boy in da corner] on the matador label.
11:25 PM- scarface / guess who's back [the fix] on the def jam label.
11:20 PM- del tha funkee homosapien / ahonetwo, ahonetwo remix [best of del (elektra years)] on the elektra label.
11:17 PM- mf doom / i hear voices pts. 1 & 2 [operation: doomsday] on the fondle 'em label.
11:11 PM- gangrene / all bad [gutter water] on the decon label.
11:08 PM- cam'ron / more reason ft. jaheim [purple haze] on the roc-a-fella label.
10:58 PM- johnny harris / wichita lineman [movements] on the warner bros records label.
10:50 PM- xv / witchita [no heroes] on the self-released label.
10:47 PM- big sean / wait for me feat. lupe fiasco [finally famous] on the g.o.o.d. music label.
10:43 PM- miles marquee and jerry parker / god's plan feat. young scolla [god's plan] on the self-released label.
10:34 PM- sha stimuli / the realist [the day before tomorrow] on the self-released label.
10:29 PM- yp / who we be [who we be] on the self-released label.
10:28 PM- yung brooke / atlanta feat pill, killer mike & phil daniels [atlanta] on the self-released label.
10:19 PM- casey veggies / ridin' roun' town [sleepin in class] on the self-released label.
10:15 PM- big bad 40 (40 glocc) / electric lady feat. cee-lo green [electric lady] on the self-released label.
10:13 PM- j-live / watch sun watch feat. yc the cynic [no time to waste] on the bandcamp label.