ktru playsheet


from Wed 10/01/2003 03:00:00 PM until Wed 10/01/2003 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:55 PM- dissidenten / instinctive traveler [world lounge] on the putumayo label.
04:53 PM- the velvet underground / i'm sticking with you [VU] on the polygram label.
04:43 PM- richard dorfmeister / frankie valley [a different drummer selection] on the different drummer label.
04:38 PM- pendragon / michael mo chroide [passage to new england] on the beacon label.
04:34 PM- joan of arc / a name [how memory works] on the jade tree label.
04:30 PM- j. steinkoler quartet / water from an ancient well [the road home] on the evandermusic label.
04:22 PM- nobukazu / fallslake [10th] on the thrill jockey label.
04:14 PM- air / la femme d'argent [moon safari] on the caroline/source label.
04:13 PM- lightening bolt / crown of storms [wonderful rainbow] on the load label.
04:09 PM- telephone company / it's a puppet show [the king's surprise?] on the business deal label.
04:08 PM- jan garbarek , charlie haden, egberto gismonti / folk song [folk songs] on the ecm records label.
04:03 PM- knifehandchop / dancefloot seizure [rockstopper] on the tigerbeat6 label.
03:59 PM- toog / ma pantalon blanc [le grand magistery] on the fanatic label.
03:48 PM- blue skies for black hearts / i've been crying [this black heart is gonna break] on the velvafonic label.
03:44 PM- curse ov dialect / the truth about tasmania [(lost in the real sky)] on the mush label.
03:41 PM- polyphonic spree / sun [the beginning stages of] on the good records label.
03:38 PM- sonic youth / kill yr.idols [kill yr idols] on the zensor label.
03:37 PM- ergo / 12 plagues [pleasure center] on the rainforest label.
03:32 PM- duke ellington / satin doll [the best of duke ellington] on the capitol jazz label.
03:26 PM- owen / pour souls [no good for no one now] on the polyvinyl label.
03:21 PM- colleen / goodbye sunshine [everyone alive wants answers] on the leaf label.
03:17 PM- gastr del sol / each dream is an example [camoufleur] on the drag city label.
03:13 PM- four tet / my angel rocks back and forth [rounds] on the Domino label.
03:10 PM- ikeda, ken / merge [merge] on the touch label.