ktru playsheet


from Mon 05/01/2006 04:00:00 AM until Mon 05/01/2006 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

06:54 AM- soul coughing / circles [el oso] on the slash records label.
06:48 AM- metric / too little too late [live it out] on the last gang records label.
06:47 AM- little mountain / thieves [wolves in winter] on the josh deeter / yellow parka music label.
06:41 AM- elliott smith / the last hour [from a basement on the hill] on the anti label.
06:38 AM- applied communications / "it bothers me, it bothers you!" [uh sort of] on the discos mariscos label.
06:35 AM- jesu otsohile / mparanyana and the cannibals [rhythm of resistance music of black south africa] on the shanachie label.
06:31 AM- stereolab / margerine melodie [margerine eclipse] on the elektra label.
06:26 AM- who made who / hello, empty room [s/t] on the gomma label.
06:20 AM- samara lubelski / lick 'n leap [spectacular of passages] on the social registry label.
06:20 AM- girls' singing class with teacher / excerpt of passage for the modern revolutionary peking opera "azalea mountain" [music from the people's republic of china] on the rounder records corp label.
06:17 AM- blonde redhead / magic mountain [misery is a butterfly] on the 4ad / beggars group label.
06:16 AM- small factory / lots to do [i do not love you] on the spin art label.
06:07 AM- cecil taylor / song [jazz advance] on the capitol records label.
06:05 AM- cat power / lived in bars [the greatest] on the matadork label.
05:58 AM- blitzhosen / ann's song [the manual transmission] on the slaphappy records label.
05:56 AM- black dice / island [creature comforts] on the DFA label.
05:55 AM- oren jenkins / cripple creek [american banjo and threefinger and scruggs style] on the smithsonian/folkway records label.
05:51 AM- bright eyes / contrast & compare [letting off the happiness] on the saddle creek label.
05:47 AM- bloc party / so here we are [silent alarm] on the vice/dim mak label.
05:44 AM- wolf parade / shine a light [s/t] on the sub pop records label.
05:40 AM- fog / and stay out [s/t] on the ninjatune label.
05:33 AM- caribou / the barn [marinoaudio] on the domino label.
05:31 AM- kelley stoltz / the sun comes through [the sun comes through] on the sub pop records label.
05:27 AM- westzynthius / cowboys and indians [rock, you can fly] on the one little indian label.
05:24 AM- styrofoam / anything (ft. bent van looy + miki) [nothing's lost] on the morr music label.
05:21 AM- the pretty please / falling star [demonstration ep] on the action figure records label.
05:19 AM- bark bark bark / i'd love you but i don't [golden hits] on the self-released label.
05:18 AM- royal city / count the days [little heart's ease] on the three gut records label.
05:07 AM- goldfrapp / koko [supernature] on the mute label.
05:04 AM- cream / born under a bad sign [best of] on the atco label.
04:57 AM- the fatales / ministry of defense [pretty in pixels] on the s/r label.
04:56 AM- the thing with joe mcphee / going home [she knows] on the crazy wisdom label.
04:49 AM- yo la tengo / autumn sweater [i can hear the heart beating as one] on the matador label.
04:47 AM- islands / jogging gorgeous summer [return to the sea] on the equator records label.
04:45 AM- mike k / pretty sure [a simple story simply told] on the self released label.
04:37 AM- bird show / sleepers keep sleeping [lightning ghost] on the kranky label.
04:31 AM- clap your hands say yeah / over and over again (lost and found) [s/t] on the self-released label.
04:29 AM- calexico / convict pool [convict pool] on the quarterstick records label.
04:25 AM- built to spill / else [keep it like a secret] on the warner bros. label.
04:21 AM- the minus five / cigs coffee booze [the minus five (the gun album)] on the yep roc label.
04:15 AM- my education / dirty hands [italian] on the thirty ghosts label.
04:09 AM- petracovich / summer trees [we are wyoming] on the red button records label.
04:00 AM- fiery furnaces / the wayward granddaughter [rehearsing my choir] on the rough trade label.
03:59 AM- sebastien tellier / fantino [l'incroyable verite] on the astralwerks label.