ktru playsheet


from Wed 09/05/2007 11:02:00 PM until Wed 09/05/2007 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:12 AM- Public Enemy / Don't Believe the Hype [V/A: 80's Underground Rap: Don't Believe the Hype] on the Rhino label.
01:11 AM- Jaks / The Conversation Lags [Hollywood Blood Capsules] on the Choke label.
01:07 AM- dj jazzy jeff / Brand New Funk 2K7 [the return of the magnificent] on the rapster/bbe label.
12:59 AM- Come / Submerge (REQUEST) [Eleven:Eleven] on the Matador label.
12:57 AM- King Missile / Jesus Was Way Cool [My Heart Is A Flower] on the Atlantic label.
12:52 AM- Captain Beefheart / Pachuco Cadaver [Trout Mask Replica] on the Reprise label.
12:46 AM- Aphex Twin / At the Heart of It All [26 Mixes for Cash] on the Warp label.
12:41 AM- Jesus Lizard / SDBJ / My Own Urine [Head] on the Touch n' Go label.
12:40 AM- Muffs / Stupid Jerk [Self-Titled] on the Warner Bros label.
12:36 AM- Test Department / Hunger [Ecstacy Under Duress] on the Total F.I. label.
12:29 AM- Godley and Creme / Snack Attack [Snack Attack] on the Mirage label.
12:22 AM- Godflesh / Christbait Rising [Streetcleaner] on the Earache label.
12:16 AM- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / City of Refuge [Tender Prey] on the Mute label.
12:12 AM- William S. Burroughs and Gus Van Sant / The Hipster Be-Bop Junkies [Millions of Images] on the Sol label.
12:07 AM- Tom Waits / Murder In The Red Barn [Bone Machine] on the Island label.
12:01 AM- Charles Bogert / Untitled Tracks 13 - 23 [Sounds of North American Frogs] on the Smithsonian Folkways label.
11:58 PM- 5uu's / Mangate [Hunger's Teeth] on the ReR label.
11:55 PM- twink / Sprinkle [ice cream truckin] on the mulatta label.
11:53 PM- The Fartz / Children of the Grave [Because This Fucking World Still Stinks] on the Alternative Tentacles label.
11:49 PM- Link Davis / Cockroach [V/A: Texas Rockabilly] on the Ace label.
11:39 PM- Enuma Elish / Leviathan [Leviathan] on the Lithiq label.
11:36 PM- Test Icicles / All You Need Is Blood [Boa Vs. Python] on the Domino label.
11:32 PM- Mastodon / Blood and Thunder (REQUEST) [Leviathan] on the Relapse label.
11:28 PM- Techno Animal / Robosapien [Brotherhood of the Bomb] on the Matadork label.
11:22 PM- Tralala / Underdog [Is That The Tralala] on the Audika label.
11:18 PM- Caustic Resin / Water Mocassin [Fly Me To The Moon] on the Up label.
11:14 PM- ratatat / lex [classics] on the XLRecordings label.
11:11 PM- The Vacuum Boys / Welcome, the Jive Sets It Up [Space Breakdance Challenge] on the Takashi Mobile label.
11:07 PM- Big Mess Orchestra / Allegretto from the 7th Symphony [A Little Trash Goes A Long Way] on the Plungerboy label.