ktru playsheet

AnindyaS, KennY

from Tue 08/30/2011 10:00:00 PM until Tue 08/30/2011 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:59 PM- the temptations / i can't get nextt to you [anthonlogy (disc 20] on the sony label.
11:50 PM- sigur ross vs. mobb deep / shook (emancipator mix [shook] on the self-released label.
11:48 PM- co$$ / leimert park [intro to the outro mixtape] on the tres records label.
11:45 PM- coookin soul / justify it out feat. jay-z & oasis [ojaysis] on the self-released label.
11:40 PM- 4eva magic feat. psychodrama / the fatal 4 [headn 4 watever] on the self-released label.
11:35 PM- neako / flossin' feat juicy j [the number 23] on the self-released label.
11:27 PM- lords of the unterground / background sippin [here comes the lords] on the pendulum label.
11:22 PM- ess vee / backyard sippin [the veelude] on the self-released label.
11:21 PM- m.i.a. / xxxos feat. jay-z [xxxo] on the xl interscope label.
11:17 PM- chino xl / feelin' evil again [here to save all] on the american recordings label.
11:16 PM- big k.r.i.t. / rotating valvets (dj breaekmoff mix) feat. wiz khalifa & bun b [last king 2 (god's machine)] on the self-released label.
11:13 PM- twista / allright [category f5 [itunes bonu]] on the get money gang label.
11:11 PM- apathy / smoke weed everyday feat. scoop deville [smoke weed everyday] on the babydrande label.
10:52 PM- rass kass / nature of the threat [soul on ice] on the EMI label.
10:51 PM- smoke dza / personal party ft. curren$y [rolling stoned] on the self released label.
10:45 PM- lil b / wake up mr. flowers (c&s babe rainbow) [screwed] on the self released label.
10:40 PM- soulja boy / my city [21 EP] on the self released label.
10:38 PM- ll cool j / i shot ya ft. keith murray, mobb deep & fat joe [mr. smith] on the def jam label.
10:33 PM- andre nickatina / dice of life (the bottle) [conservation with a devil] on the fillmoe coleman label.
10:29 PM- curren$y / high tunes [verde terrace] on the self released label.
10:22 PM- street smartz / problemz [problemz/metal thangz 12"] on the tru criminal label.
10:19 PM- jay-z / never change [plex in new york] on the self released label.
10:16 PM- nas / got urself a gun (c&s by DJ D) [plex in new york] on the self released label.
10:12 PM- main attractionz / diamonds of god [808s & Dark Grapes II] on the self released label.
10:12 PM- the s.l.o. / tour bus [slow motion soundz official] on the SMS label.
10:09 PM- danny brown / monopoly [XXX] on the fool's gold label.