ktru playsheet

AndrewH, EllenC

from Wed 04/11/2001 04:01:00 AM until Wed 04/11/2001 07:01:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

06:55AM- the notwist / shrink [shrink]

06:53AM- sunny day real estate / 8 [LP2]
06:46AM- dennis gonzalez / monkey scratch dance [welcome to us]

06:41AM- bettie serveert / my fallen words [private suit]

06:37AM- blonde redhead / 10 feet high [la mia vita violenta]

06:34AM- twilight circus / hose [other worlds of dub]

06:31AM- o yuki conjugate / skinned [equator]

06:25AM- Big Mama Thornton / sweet little angel [ball n' chain]
06:22AM- moreno veloso + 2 / arrivedeci [music typewriter]

06:18AM- joan of arc / another brick at the gap [the gap]

06:13AM- ramblin' jack elliott / house of the rising sun [the essential ramblin/ jack elliott]

06:11AM- hives / hate to say i told you so [veni vidi vicious]

06:06AM- drums & tuba / chummus, a challah, and a whole lot of chutzpah [the flying ballerina]

06:05AM- spokane / leisure [leisure and other songs]

05:59AM- built to spill/caustic resin / one thing [stacked up (up records comp)]

05:58AM- land of the loops / Multi-family garage sale [stacked up (up records comp_
stacked up (up records comp)]

05:56AM- dub narcotic sound system / selector part 2 [selector dub narcotic (k records comp)]
05:47AM- hank and slim / gas, food, trailer park [the world turned gingham]

05:43AM- waxwings / fragile girl [low to the ground]

05:41AM- estanislao medina / adios, puebla de ayacucho [the secret museum of mankind, volume 5]

05:37AM- Discoteca Collection / adeus, adeus, amo [missao de pesquisas folcloricas]

05:33AM- nana vasconcelos / goree [fragments]

05:30AM- the grown-ups / bajaj in the garage [rampage!]

05:28AM- los super seven / la sirena [los super seven]
05:21AM- ten in the swear jar / sad girl [my very private map]

05:17AM- wilco / the lonely one [being there]

05:15AM- old time relijun / archeopteryx claw [uterus and fire]

05:10AM- steve fisk / L'Estancia [999 levels of undo]

05:06AM- fuck / glass charms [cupid's cactus]

05:03AM- caustic resin / Worm Wood [Up in Orbit (Up records comp)]

04:59AM- unwound / mkultra [a single history]
04:53AM- appendix out / hexen in the anticyclone [the night is advancing]

04:48AM- Susie Ibarra and Assif Tsahar / Prayer for the Unseen [Home Cookin]

04:43AM- Terry Riley / at the summit [Salome dances for peace, Kronos Quartet]

04:39AM- The Folk Implosion / Checking In [Dare to be Surprised]

04:35AM- spoon / Believing is Art [girls can tell]

04:29AM- Gastr del Sol / Dictionary of Handwriting [Mirror Repair]

04:25AM- joel phelps + downer trio / our mother the mountain [inland empires]

04:19AM- Gahnian Tribespeople / Adova 1 [Drums of death]

04:16AM- tom waits / hang on st christopher [frank's wild years]

04:11AM- modest mouse / Dirty Fingernails [yo yo a go go 1997 compilation]

04:06AM- internal/external / anchordown [inside out ep]

04:04AM- welcome / peppermint teeth [sun as night light]