ktru playsheet


from Wed 11/17/2004 01:00:00 AM until Wed 11/17/2004 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:42 AM- j\john russell / jambridge [from next to last] on the emanem label.
03:38 AM- gebhard ullmann / basement research [basement research] on the Soul note label.
03:30 AM- bishop, sir richard / mystic minor 23 [improvika] on the locust label.
03:29 AM- Interpol / Next Exit [Antics] on the Matador label.
03:28 AM- Interpol / Provenance Unknown [Antics] on the locust music label.
03:23 AM- bettis, chuck & friends / atheist revolt [cummonity of commotion] on the north east indie label.
03:15 AM- golia, vinny / single booth enclosure third [a gift for the unusual - music for contrabass saxophone] on the nine winds label.
03:14 AM- windsor for the derby / we fight til death [we fight til death] on the secretly canadian label.
03:08 AM- Matthew Shipp / The Highway [symbol systems] on the no more records label.
03:06 AM- Sonic Youth / Androgynous Mind [Experimental Jet set trash and no star] on the david geffen label.
03:03 AM- The Clash / Brand New Cadillac [London Calling] on the Epic label.
02:58 AM- The Sex Pistols / Sub mission [nevermind the bollocks heres the sex pistols] on the warner bros. label.
02:56 AM- The circle jerks / wild in the streets [wild in the streets] on the frontier label.
02:54 AM- The Ramones / gimme gimme shock treatment hits [ramones mania] on the sire label.
02:38 AM- electroputas / international harvest [3] on the the social registry label.
02:32 AM- legends / your song [up against the legends] on the ERROR: Entry not found in index or view's index not built label.
02:32 AM- Sun ra / Blues at Midnight [Jazz in silhouette] on the Evidence Music label.
02:25 AM- The blue whale / love birds [wind runs through it] on the shimmy disk label.
02:20 AM- quintron / backwards [the frog tape] on the skin graft label.
02:14 AM- John Coltrane / Venus [Interstellar Space] on the impulse label.
02:09 AM- doiron, julie / sorry part III [goodnight nobody] on the jagjaguwar label.
02:07 AM- The flaming lips / when you smile [clouds taste metallic] on the warner bros. label.
02:04 AM- junior boys / last exit [last exit] on the domino/kin label.
02:03 AM- Dropkick Murphys / Pipebomb on landsome [the gang's all here] on the hellcat records label.
01:59 AM- Jazz Crime / Harold's Way [music in the first degree] on the Rhino label.
01:57 AM- A.B. / ugh druggie [hail sad rocks] on the medium recordings label.
01:54 AM- Keller Williams / hunting charlie [laugh] on the sci fidelity label.
01:49 AM- The Misfits / Die Die Die my darling [Earth A.D.] on the Aggressive Rock Produktien label.
01:46 AM- Castanets / cathedral 2 [cathedral] on the asthmatic kitty label.
01:41 AM- fane, julian / Disaster Location [special forces] on the plsnet mu label.
01:38 AM- Julius Hemphill / Track 7 [Chile New York] on the Black Saint label.
01:27 AM- Spoon / Lines in the suit [Girls Can Tell] on the Merge label.
01:21 AM- notekillers / juggernauts (live) [s/t] on the ecstatic peace! label.
01:21 AM- windmill / Falling down the stairs [every last windmill shall fall] on the big spoon label.
01:09 AM- The Talking Heads / Burnin Down the House [Speaking in tongues] on the Sire label.
01:02 AM- Oliver Lake Quartet / Verve Nerve [Edge-ing] on the Black Saint label.
01:00 AM- foster, josephine and the supposed / Well-Healed Men [all the leaves are gone] on the locust label.