ktru playsheet


from Tue 11/02/2010 01:00:00 PM until Tue 11/02/2010 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:00 PM- acre / centennial [sacrifice] on the digitalis label.
02:57 PM- helado negro / dos suenos [awe owe] on the asthmatic kitty label.
02:50 PM- raushan orazbaeva / akku [the rough guide to the music of central asia] on the rough guides label.
02:46 PM- galactic / heart of steel [ya-ka-may] on the anti- label.
02:39 PM- catalyst / jabali [the complete recordings vol. 1] on the porter label.
02:34 PM- fine china / i'm sorry for the hating [the jaws of life] on the common wall media label.
02:31 PM- blank dogs / blurred tonight [land and fixed] on the captured tracks label.
02:22 PM- electric birds / hyperelevation [s/t] on the deluxe label.
02:18 PM- girls' chorus (honan theatrical school) / i want to be a true revolutionary [music from the people's republic of china] on the rounder records label.
02:14 PM- department of eagles / family romance [the cold nose] on the american dust label.
02:11 PM- yacht / see a penny (pick it up) [i believe in you, your magic is real] on the marriage records label.
02:05 PM- de novo dahl / new belief [cats & kittens] on the theory 8 records label.
02:03 PM- cosmic sound / little flower [vhs vision] on the s/r label.
01:57 PM- bailter space / d thing [wammo] on the matador label.
01:50 PM- the very best / nsokoto [warm heart of africa] on the green owl label.
01:45 PM- space cadets / stotinki [fuse ii] on the 4th & bway label.
01:42 PM- lazarus / ocean (burn the highways) [songs for an unborn sun] on the temporary residence ltd label.
01:39 PM- grinderman / worm tamer [grinderman 2] on the anti- label.
01:35 PM- lloyd miller & the heliocentrics / nava [s/t] on the strut label.
01:28 PM- mirah / sweepstakes prize [you think it's like this but really it's like this] on the k label.
01:22 PM- king sunny adi & his african beats / synchro system [songs from around the world] on the rhino label.
01:16 PM- orgone / cali fever [cali fever] on the ubiquity label.