ktru playsheet


from Sun 04/17/2011 10:00:00 PM until Sun 04/17/2011 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:57 PM- fleeting joys / closer to my world without pain [occult radiance] on the only forever label.
10:56 PM- maribel / deflowers [aesthetics] on the quince label.
10:51 PM- cranes / sixth of may [wings of joy] on the dedicated label.
10:46 PM- spacemen 3 / come down easy [the perfect prescription] on the glass label.
10:40 PM- stella luna / stargazer [s/t ep] on the clairecords label.
10:34 PM- the voices / don't tell me you don't feel it [s/t] on the my kung fu label.
10:31 PM- hum / ms lazarus [downward is heavenward] on the . label.
10:30 PM- nightblooms / 59#1 [s/t] on the fierce records label.
10:26 PM- the pains of being pure at heart / heart in your heartbreak [belong] on the slumberland label.
10:19 PM- insect guide / 5 o'clock [5 o'clock recordings ep] on the eardrumspop label.
10:13 PM- alcian blue / years too late [years too late ep] on the safranin label.
10:10 PM- youngteam / strange days [daydreamer] on the northern star label.
10:07 PM- orangenoise / rabblerouser [veracious ep] on the self label.
10:06 PM- soren well / black transmissions [s/t ep] on the self label.
09:59 PM- craft spells / for the ages [idle labor] on the captured tracks label.