ktru playsheet


from Thu 12/07/2017 01:00:00 PM until Thu 12/07/2017 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:00 PM- the lemon twigs / i wanna prove to you [do hollywood] on the 4ad label.
02:56 PM- lokai / 34:55 [7 million] on the mosz label.
02:50 PM- mr. lif and brass menazeri / the wanderer ft. dj mr. sonny james [resilient] on the hearth label.
02:46 PM- shredders / heater season [dangerous jumps] on the doomtree label.
02:45 PM- man or astroman? / gargantua's last stand [destroy all astro-men] on the estrus records label.
02:38 PM- archie shepp / blues for brother george jackson [verve - remixed ^2] on the verve label.
02:36 PM- marbles / out of zone [expo] on the spin art label.
02:30 PM- cobra man / weekend special [new driveway] on the goner label.
02:28 PM- lucky dragons / desert rose [dream island laughing language] on the marriage label.
02:26 PM- hamsa khalafe and ali atia / ballali madja [hot women] on the kein and aber records label.
02:20 PM- annbjorg lien / baba yaga [baba yaga] on the northside label.
02:16 PM- tree wave / morning coffee hymn [ep+] on the made up records label.
02:12 PM- jprizm / vigil n tea [mindwalker] on the komatoast label.
02:08 PM- chuckee / ocean cruise zone [clouds] on the s/r label.
02:04 PM- kensuke ide with his mothership featuring pongsapon upani vs hair stylistics / otemoyan isan [otemoyan isan] on the em records label.
01:58 PM- fever ray / plunge [plunge] on the mute label.
01:55 PM- magna carda / jazz 99 [somewhere between] on the s/r label.
01:50 PM- octopus project / righteous ape and bird [identification parade] on the peek a boo label.
01:46 PM- sun ra and his intergalactic solar arkestra / space is the place [space is the place (soundtrack)] on the evidence music label.
01:43 PM- arca / now you know [zen] on the mute label.
01:35 PM- arcade fire / reflektor [reflektor] on the merge label.
01:30 PM- b l a c k i e / run from desire [remains] on the s/r label.
01:24 PM- mashrou leila / icarus [ibn el leil] on the shoop shoop label.
01:19 PM- a band of bees / angryman [sunshine hit me] on the we love you label.
01:15 PM- ladytron / soft power [the witching hour] on the rykodisc label.
01:12 PM- asobi seksu / goodbye [citrus] on the friendly fire label.
01:11 PM- black dice / street dude [broken ear record] on the DFA label.