ktru playsheet


from Sat 05/23/2009 03:01:00 PM until Sat 05/23/2009 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:00 PM- Akemi Naito / Voyages (in three parts) [Mindscape] on the Bridge Records label.
06:45 PM- John V. Gilbert played by Ronald Sadoff / If Time Remembers [New Sounds From the Village] on the Capstone Records label.
06:37 PM- Leo Kraft played by NYU New Music Ensemble / Washington Square [New Sounds From the Village] on the Capstone Records label.
06:27 PM- Jin Hi Kim played by Hong Jong-Jin and Robert Dick / Tchong [Living Tones] on the Cantabile/Seoul Records label.
06:14 PM- John Cage played by New England Conservatory Philharmonia / 101 [Orchetsral Works] on the mode records label.
06:05 PM- Tape / noises from a hill [Opera] on the Hapna label.
05:57 PM- Julia Wolfe played by Lark Quartet / Early That Summer [The String Quartets] on the Cantaloupe Music label.
05:46 PM- John Zorn played by Jim Pugliese / Dark River [Redbird For Agnes Martin] on the Tzadik label.
05:39 PM- Paul Lansky / Idle Chatter [New Computer Music] on the Wergo Computer Music label.
05:15 PM- Nick Didkovsky played by Bang On A Can All Stars / Amalia's Secret [Cheating, Lying, Stealing] on the Sony label.
05:07 PM- Steve Reich played by Group 180 / Music For Pieces of Wood [Group 180] on the Hungaraton label.
04:52 PM- barber, samuel / adagio for strings op 11 [berstein great performances] on the cbs recordings label.
04:46 PM- richter, max / haunted oceans [waltz with bashir] on the warner brothers label.
04:43 PM- growing / a painting [the sky's run into the sea] on the kranky label.
04:38 PM- riley, terry / lifespan [slow melody in bhairavi] on the revolver label.
04:36 PM- last days / ruins [these places are now ruins] on the n5md label.
04:31 PM- m83 / run into flowers (midnight fuck remix) [run into flowers 12"] on the mute label.
04:19 PM- sanders, pharoah / balance [izipho zam] on the strata east label.
04:07 PM- emeralds / disappearing ink [what happened] on the no fun productions label.
03:59 PM- darboven, hanne / opus 17a [opus 17a] on the self released label.
03:56 PM- livingston, eli eszler / rare youth [rare youth] on the self released label.
03:48 PM- fuck buttons / sweet love for planet earth [street horrsing] on the atp label.
03:41 PM- fennesz / glide [black sea] on the touch music label.
03:35 PM- jaga jazzist / aerial bright dark brown [the stix] on the ninja tune label.
03:25 PM- weber, windy / sirens [i hate people] on the blue flea label.
03:22 PM- nomi, klaus / samson and delilah [klaus nomi] on the rca label.
03:17 PM- gudnadottir, hildur / elevation [without sinking] on the touch music label.
03:09 PM- whitman, keith fullerton / farfisa compact duo deluxe, drum kit [multiples] on the kranky label.
03:03 PM- penderecki, krzysztof / threnody for the victims of hiroshima (for 52 strings) [the new music] on the rca label.