ktru playsheet

JeffG, AnnaG

from Tue 03/30/2004 01:00:00 PM until Tue 03/30/2004 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:01 PM- hayden / instrumental with mellotron [the closer i get] on the outpost label.
02:54 PM- The Promise RIng / Skips a Beat (Over You) [Very Emergency] on the Jade Tree label.
02:49 PM- the mountain goats / Original Air - Blue Gown [Full force gainsburg] on the Emperor Jones label.
02:39 PM- Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio / Calling for you [Inland Empires] on the Money Shot label.
02:38 PM- fog / Cockeyed Cookie Pusher [hummer] on the ninja tune label.
02:36 PM- Mance Lipscomb / Ain't You Sorry [Captain Captain] on the Arhoolie label.
02:34 PM- lansing-dreiden / glass corridor [the incomplete triangle] on the kemado label.
02:33 PM- the Microphones / lanterns [song islands] on the k label.
02:30 PM- diverse / certified [one a.m.] on the chocolate industries label.
02:24 PM- the decemberists / here i dreamt i was an architect [castaways and cutouts] on the kill rock stars/ hush label.
02:23 PM- hunter, jana / heatseeker's safety den [s/t] on the self-released label.
02:19 PM- cex / take pills [maryland mansions] on the jade tree label.
02:10 PM- the boredoms / super are [super ae] on the birdman label.
02:06 PM- shy child / dawn to dust [the humanity ep] on the grenadine label.
02:03 PM- vibert, luke / stan d'infamy [yoseph] on the warp label.
01:58 PM- spring heel jack / salt [masses] on the thirsty ear label.
01:53 PM- stevens, sufjan / for the widows in paradise... [greetings from michigan] on the astmatic kitty/ sounds familyre label.
01:49 PM- beulah / matter vs. space [when your heartstrings break] on the sugar free label.
01:44 PM- sybarite / homegrown cultures [nonument] on the 4ad label.
01:37 PM- whitman, keith fullerton / schnee [antithesis] on the kranky label.
01:35 PM- interpol / obstacle 1 [turn on the bright lights] on the matador label.
01:33 pm - bratmobile / no you don't queenie [kiss and ride 7"] on the lsr label
01:30 PM- pedro the lion / of up and coming monarchs [it's hard to find a friend] on the jade tree label.
01:25 PM- john zorn / wru [spy vs. spy - the music of ornette coleman] on the elektra musician label.
01:22 PM- pinback / offline p.k. [blue screen life] on the ace fu label.
01:19 PM- the reindeer section / the opening taste [y'all get scared now ya hear!] on the bright star label.
01:16 PM- daedelus / the weather's secret service [rethinking the weather] on the mush label.
01:13 PM- tracy and the plastics / the myth of the front [muscler's guide to videonics] on the chainsaw records label.
01:09 PM- the walkmen / french vacation [everyone who pretended to like me is gone] on the star time label.
01:06 PM- summer hymns / capsized [foo's gold] on the misra label.
01:03 PM- grand champeen / paid vacation [the one that brought you] on the glurp label.
12:58 PM- lambchop / about my lighter [no you c'mon] on the merge label.