ktru playsheet


from Mon 02/01/2016 02:57:00 PM until Mon 02/01/2016 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:56 PM- laptop / the new you [the old me vs the new you] on the trust me records label.
04:52 PM- hauschildt / where all is fled [where all is fled] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
04:46 PM- kine lam / sey (home) [praise] on the shanachie label.
04:42 PM- deerhoof / queen of the lake [holdypaws] on the kill rock stars label.
04:36 PM- dma's / delete [dma's] on the mom pop label.
04:31 PM- small black / the closer i look [best blues] on the jagjaguwar label.
04:28 PM- cash box kings, the / that's my gal [holler and stomp] on the blind pig records label.
04:22 PM- whiskerman / my good country [nomad] on the oim label.
04:19 PM- death from above 1979 / turn it out [you're a woman, i'm a machine] on the vice records label.
04:14 PM- brian carpenter and the confessions / beautiful jane [the far end of the world] on the accurate label.
04:10 PM- holy rollers / clear [s/t] on the dischord label.
04:04 PM- luluc / tangled heart [passerby] on the sub pop label.
03:59 PM- hold steady, the / first night [boys and girls in america] on the vagrant label.
03:56 PM- long winters, the / ultimatum [ultimatum ep] on the barsuk label.
03:54 PM- the moonlandingz / sweet saturn mine [expanded ep] on the chimera label.
03:45 PM- i.k. dairo & his blue spots / omoge super [i remember] on the self-produced label.
03:42 PM- calamity and the owl / cicada sings [of wicked splendor] on the jokertown label.
03:40 PM- be your own pet / bicycle bicycle, you are my bicycle [s/t] on the ecstatic peace label.
03:33 PM- dirty three / i really should've gone out last night [whatever you love, you are] on the touch and go label.
03:29 PM- you won't / three car garage [skeptic goodbye] on the self-released label.
03:27 PM- campbell, kate / falling out of heaven [save the day] on the large river music label.
03:24 PM- doiron, julie / tell you again [loneliest in the morning] on the sub pop label.
03:20 PM- velvet underground, the / jesus [s/t] on the verve label.
03:16 PM- hop along / waitress [painted shut] on the saddle creek label.
03:11 PM- lambchop / kind of [mr. m] on the merge label.
03:07 PM- joanna newsom / leaving the city [divers] on the drag city label.
03:07 PM- el-p / get modal [high water] on the thirsty ear label.