ktru playsheet

AdamB, LizP

from Thu 03/30/2006 01:00:00 AM until Thu 03/30/2006 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:57 AM- bajourou / hakilima [big string theory] on the green linnet label.
03:54 AM- meat beat manifesto / prime audio soup (live) [off center] on the thirsty ear label.
03:46 AM- coil / teenagelightning 2005 [the ape of naples] on the threshould house label.
03:37 AM- soldier, david & richard lair / kuuk kob's diddley bow features [thai elephant orchestra] on the mulatta label.
03:34 AM- sun ra / the embassy of the living god [the great lost sun ra albums] on the evidence music label.
03:30 AM- tabla beat science / secret channel [ala matrix] on the axiom label.
03:26 AM- squarepusher / go! plastic [go plastic] on the warp label.
03:20 AM- ministry / all day [all day] on the n/a label.
03:13 AM- hum / sundress [electra 2000] on the martians go home label.
03:10 AM- sunny day real estate / pillars [live] on the sub pop label.
03:10 AM- bright eyes / messenger bird song [this is the beginning to the story] on the n/a label.
03:02 AM- 13th floor elevators / monkey island [the psychedelic sounds of/elevators live] on the charly label.
02:57 AM- geggy tah / las vegas with the lights out [sacred cow] on the luaka bop label.
02:53 AM- pere ubu / codex [dub housing] on the chrysalis label.
02:46 AM- sweep the leg johnny / rest stop [going down swinging] on the southern label.
02:31 AM- swans / amnesia [omniscience] on the young god/sky label.
02:25 AM- flying luttenbachers / elfmeros [infection and decline] on the troubleman unlimited label.
02:23 AM- the new constitution / shook last night [on 4] on the audello label.
02:22 AM- jakarta skyscraper / cities cape [s/t] on the tart garage label.
02:22 AM- ali farke toure / petenere [african blues] on the african blues label.
02:05 AM- black lips! / m.i.a. [we did not know the forest spirit made the flowers grow] on the bomp! label.
02:01 AM- cake on cake / no spring [i see no stars] on the desolation records label.
01:59 AM- eno, brian / mother whale eyeless [talking tiger mountain] on the EG records label.
01:55 AM- wooden wand and the vanishing voice / dogpaddlin' home in line with my lord [the flood] on the troubleman label.
01:54 AM- el-p / please leave [high water] on the thirsty ear recordings label.
01:49 AM- east<>west blast test / in the multipurpose room [popular music for unpopular people] on the ipecac label.
01:42 AM- casiotone for the painfully alone / when you were mine [young shields ep] on the tomlab label.
01:38 AM- oneida / you're drifting [the wedding] on the jagjaguawar label.
01:32 AM- adult. / bad ideas [gimmie trouble] on the thrill jockey label.
01:31 AM- who made who / rose [s/t] on the gomma label.
01:30 AM- delta 5 / make up [singles and sessions 1979-1981] on the kill rock stars label.
01:24 AM- budos band, the / the volcano sogn [s/t] on the daptone label.
01:18 AM- bango / only [bango] on the shadoks label.
01:16 AM- pffr / un phit psonique [united we doth] on the birdman label.
01:14 AM- dj dolores / trancelim de marfim [ziriguiboom - the now sound of brazil 2] on the six degrees label.
01:06 AM- dr. israel / cover me [patterns of war] on the roir label.
01:06 AM- dennis brown presents prince jammy / general version [the rough guide to dub] on the rough guides label.