ktru playsheet

AnneliR, LilyI

from Thu 10/28/2010 11:00:00 AM until Thu 10/28/2010 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:57 PM- grizzly bear / alligator (choir version) [friend ep] on the warp label.
12:53 PM- townes van zandt / high, low and in between [high, low and in between/the late great tvz] on the acoustic highway label.
12:48 PM- sunset rubdown / that have been in the grave [shut up i am dreaming] on the absolutely kosher label.
12:44 PM- jim lewis, andres downing & jean martin / fourteen [on a short path from memory to forgotten] on the barnyard records label.
12:41 PM- octant / prolicane [car alarms and crickets] on the up label.
12:37 PM- akurat / scena po scenie [prowincja] on the tc music label.
12:32 PM- islands / waterloo sunset [kvrx local live vol. 12] on the kvrx label.
12:29 PM- no age / chem trails [everything in between] on the sub pop label.
12:25 PM- flying lotus / 1983 [1983] on the plug research label.
12:23 PM- the boston secession / verse v [afterlife -- german choral meditations on mortality] on the brave records label.
12:19 PM- my bloody valentine / only shallow [loveless] on the sire label.
12:13 PM- beach house / heart and lungs [s/t] on the carpark label.
12:11 PM- miners / we done quit [songs and ballads of the bituminous miners] on the rounder label.
12:06 PM- my brightest diamond / freak out [tear it down] on the blue sword label.
12:02 PM- cloud nothings / turning on [turning on] on the carpark records label.
11:56 AM- caribou / the barn [marino audio] on the domino label.
11:53 AM- black moth super rainbow / twin of myself [eating us] on the 70s gymnastics label.
11:48 AM- stereolab / three-dee melodie [mars audiac quintet] on the elektra label.
11:44 AM- crystal castles / courtship dating [s/t] on the last gang label.
11:39 AM- mimir / part six [mimyriad] on the streamline label.
11:35 AM- thievery corporation / sound the alarm [radio retaliation] on the esl label.
11:31 AM- nelson, tracy / miss you like the devil [in the here and now] on the rounder label.
11:28 AM- walkmen, the / angela surf city [lisbon] on the fat possum label.
11:24 AM- candy claws / silent time of earth (before the eyes) [hidden lands] on the two syllable records label.
11:21 AM- octopus project / the adjustor [one ten hundred thousand million] on the peek-a-boo label.
11:13 AM- ligety, gyorgy / mysteries of the macabre [the ligeti project i] on the teldec label.
11:08 AM- animal collective / bat you'll fly [spirit they've gone, spirit they've vanished] on the fat cat label.
11:03 AM- deerhunter / helicopter [halcyon digest] on the 4ad label.
11:01 AM- m83 / america [dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts] on the gooom disques label.