ktru playsheet

MariamA, AmandaY

from Tue 12/10/2013 04:00:00 PM until Tue 12/10/2013 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:58 PM- nine black allps / shot down [s/t] on the universal-island label.
05:52 PM- nyndk / great expectations [nordic disruption] on the jazzheads label.
05:46 PM- wheeler, elliott / but it's life [the long time] on the self label.
05:43 PM- martin lozano lewis wiens duncan / face the same direction [at canterbury] on the barnyard label.
05:39 PM- wolfsheim / find you're gone [casting shadows] on the metropolis label.
05:31 PM- alvin curran / why is this night different than all other nights? [animal behavior] on the tzadik label.
05:27 PM- inner / myphilosophy [lovetheonlyway] on the caboose label.
05:24 PM- warm soda / lola [s/t] on the castle face label.
05:19 PM- lemon jelly / 65 aka go ['65-'95] on the xl label.
05:12 PM- kuupuu / itaja [sisar] on the em records label.
05:06 PM- the warlocks / hurricane heart attack [phoenix album] on the birdman label.
05:02 PM- fat tony / hood party (ft. kool ad & despot) [smart ass black boy] on the young one label.
04:58 PM- whirlpool / rainy day schedule [liquid glass] on the revelation records label.
04:54 PM- house of blondes / supermoon [clean cuts] on the glowmatic records label.
04:51 PM- longboat / maybe rabies [unpopular songs for unpopular people] on the planetary label.
04:48 PM- lisa pegher / water runs up [minimal art/imaginary windows] on the akm productions label.
04:43 PM- lansing-dreiden / a silent agreement [the incomplete triangle] on the kemado label.
04:37 PM- buttermilk / amanda [star spangled bubblegum] on the fishtone records label.
04:33 PM- ryan hemsworth / one for me ft. tinashe [guilt trips] on the last gang records label.
04:30 PM- jochen wenzel / zar [yemen traditional music of the north] on the auvidis distribution label.
04:25 PM- ellis, jeremy / take your time [the lotus blooms] on the ubiquity label.
04:21 PM- shoulders / on sunday [trashman shoes] on the deja disc label.
04:18 PM- glass animals / exxus [glass animals ep] on the harvest records label.
04:14 PM- lindha kallerdahl / body and soul [gold] on the esp disk label.
04:11 PM- the mountain goats / moon over goldsboro [get lonely] on the 4ad label.
04:08 PM- cosy sheridan / urban assault vehicle [ant hymn] on the wind river label.
04:05 PM- the xx / heart skipped a beat [xx] on the young turks label.
04:00 PM- washed out / great escape [paracosm] on the sub pop label.