ktru playsheet

AchimF, AndresJ

from Sun 03/29/2009 05:00:00 PM until Sun 03/29/2009 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:49 PM- taylor, cecil / air above mountains (buildings within) part one [air above mountains] on the enja label.
06:46 PM- ibrahim, abdullah / zimbabwe [dollar brand] on the enja label.
06:40 PM- last poets, the / time [this is madness] on the metrotone label.
06:23 PM- box / studio 1 [untitled 9] on the rune grammofon label.
06:16 PM- ibarra, susie/denis charles / stand back [drum talk] on the wobbly rail label.
06:10 PM- simone, nina / black is the color [gifted and black] on the canyon label.
06:04 PM- becker, randy with michael becker / some skunk funk [some skunk funk] on the telard label.
05:58 PM- sonic youth with mats gustafsson and merzbow / andre sider af sonic youth [syr 8] on the syr label.
05:42 PM- mingus big band / reincarnation of a lovebird [gunslinging birds] on the dreyfus jazz label.
05:27 PM- bley, carla / and it's again [escalator over the hill] on the joca records label.
05:16 PM- coltrane, john / greensleeves [africa brass] on the impulse label.
05:15 PM- jaga jazzist / suomi finland [the stix] on the wea label.
05:02 PM- maria joao & aki takase / my favorite things [looking for love] on the enja label.