ktru playsheet


from Tue 10/27/2020 06:45:00 PM until Tue 10/27/2020 07:45:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:43 PM- emperor x / laminate factory [tectonic membrane/thin strip on an edgeless platform] on the snowglobe label.
07:40 PM- mum / faraway swimmingpool [finally we are no one] on the fat cat label.
07:36 PM- the brothers martin / the harsh effects of time [s/t] on the tooth and nail label.
07:30 PM- the dylan group / an indolent appreciation of what you left behind [s/t] on the bubblecore 1999 label.
07:26 PM- john cale / paris 1919 [paris 1919] on the reprise/rhino uk label.
07:24 PM- kid 606 / relive yr unhappy childhood [gq on the eq] on the tigerbeat6 label.
07:20 PM- great grandpa / bloom [four of arrows] on the double double whammy label.
07:16 PM- cfm / greenlight [soundtrack to an empty room] on the in the red label.
07:10 PM- bebel giberto / bring back the love [momento] on the six degrees label.
07:07 PM- hungry ghosts / back for more i go [alone, alone] on the smells like records label.
07:04 PM- loudness war / brane [mystifier deluxe] on the melt house label.
07:01 PM- lvl up / she sustains us [return to love] on the sub pop label.
06:57 PM- the ditty bops / aluminum can [moon over the freeway] on the warner brothers label.
06:52 PM- st maarten's the rolling tones / it's a feeling [calypsoul 70: carribbean soul & calypso crossover] on the strut label.
06:47 PM- bambara / machete [stray] on the wharf cat label.